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Adding multiple data sources from the same namespace will cause a clash in your form. And in fact

 will assist you by preventing you from making this mistake. A warning message is displayed in the Add Data Source panel when you click plus.

Similarly, multiple XSD files composing a single logical namespace is not supported. Instead, merge all XSD files for the same namespace into a single XSD file and then upload into Live Forms.

Generating Controls from Schema Elements


Schemas Choice Groups are not yet supported. The 1st choice appear on the form as required even though only one is. Do not use elements of type Choice in your forms. 

Code Block
<xs:element name="promotion">
       <element name="Discount" /> 
       <element name="None" />


Schema controls can be initialized from an xml document using the form's doc action and manually set document URIs. See the integration chapter with details on initializing Forms with XML Documents.