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Add my-scroll to the CSS Class property of the Trigger control which navigates the user to the second tab. 

Set focus on a control when the form loads

You may want to set the focus (or cursor position) on a certain control when the form loads. This allows users to start entering data without a mouse click or tab action to reach the control they need to fill. Use this JavaScript to set the focus on a control with the CSS Class 'setFocus'.

Code Block
// frevvo custom JavaScript
var CustomEventHandlers = {
  setup: function(el) {
    if (CustomView.hasClass(el, 'setFocus')) {

Add setFocus to the CSS Class property of the control you want to focus on when the form loads.


This behavior will only be present when the form is opened using a share URL - you will not see it in Test mode. To test it, copy the form's share URL and paste it into a new browser tab.

Automatically submit a form