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The Tasks page displays a list of all your pending tasks by form/workflow name. Each task has it's own menu of actions:

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  • Quick View the task without displaying the entire form. Quick View allows the user who's responsibility it is to review the task (manager, supervisor, reviewer etc.) to add a comment, approve or reject, sign and pass it to the next user in the flow. Quick View is enabled by the designer. See below for the details.
  • Perform the task. This icon is red when the task is locked by you so that only you can perform it. No other users with your role can perform this task unless you unlock it . The icon is blue when the task is shared between multiple users, for example when the task is assigned to a role i.e. group of users.
  • Abort the task. The abort icon will only display if the user is a flow administratortenant admin or a designer user.
  • Lock the task so you can perform it later.
  • Unlock the task and return it to the task pool.
  • Modify allows you to send the task back to a prior step, abort, reassign or reset the task. The Modify icon will only display if the user is a flow administrator, tenant admin or a designer user. 
  • Audit Trail displays the event history for this specific task. For flows you will see all the users that have participated in the flow thus far. For saved forms & flows you will see each time you clicked save.


The tenant admin user is able to search for tasks that were performed by other users. The additional For Admin User Only section gives the tenant admin the ability to search tasks by user name, tasks by a particular user in a locked state and all locked tasks. Tenant admins will not see the "Find tasks for which I am..." radio control.

One very common function is to search for tasks that are locked by a particular user so that the admin can modify them and reassign them to another user or role -- for example if a person goes on vacation and you need to move a saved or pending form or flow to another user.