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Here is an explanation of the available states:

  1. SAVED/PENDING: This will give you all the tasks which are saved or pending. This helps when you want to see all open tasks for a certain form/flowSAVED: This will return only those tasks which were created when users clicked the Save button on the form/flow to save their partially filled forms
  2. PENDING: This will return all tasks which are pending, meaning someone else put these tasks in the users task list
  3. SUBMITTED: This will return all tasks which are completed, i.e. the form/flow for which this task was created has been submitted
  4. ABORTED: This will return all the tasks that were deleted/aborted so the form/flow never got submitted
  5. WAITING: The WAITING status can be used to find workflow tasks that have an Email or HTTP activity. A submission will show a state of WAITING  when a workflow is routed to an anonymous user and the flow is suspended until the this step is completed.