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  1. Create the frevvo Metadata file.
  2. Configure your Identity Provider
  3. Create/edit the SAML tenant
  4. Manage Users/Roles for your SAML tenant
  5. Logging into frevvo in a SAML Tenant

Section 1 -


On Premise Customers Only

Cloud customers can skip the Generate Your Certificate and Install the Java Cryptography steps. These instructions are provided for On -premise Premise customers only.

Generate Your Certificate

If you re are using the frevvo tomcat bundle, the supplied keystore, frevvoKeystore.jks is located in the <frevvo-home>/tomcat/lib folder, The keystore contains a default certificate. Replace this with a certificate for your installation.


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titleMake the changes only in service.bat if running LIve Forms frevvo as a Windows service