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A Doc Action Wizard steps you thru the process of connecting your form to PaperVision.

  1. Log into your
    tenant as a designer user.
  2. Open your form/flow in the appropriate designer.
  3. Click the Edit Form/Flow Properties wizard on the designer toolbar.
  4. Click the Document Actions tab. Select Send to ImageSilo or PaperVision Enterprise on the Send Documents tab.
  5. Enter your PaperVision/ImageSilo entity, username and password and click the login button
  6. The wizard connects to your account and now displays a dropdown with all your PaperVision/ImageSilo projects
  7. Select the project where you want to save the form/flow submission
  8. Select the image type: PDF, PNG or JPG from the Send Snapshot dropdown. PDF is the default option. Select the blank option from the dropdown to exclude this attachment in the submission.
  9. Check the Data checkbox if you want to store the xml data document in addition to the form image document
  10. Attachments uploaded to your form/flow are included if the Attachment Files checkbox is checked. This checkbox is checked unchecked by default. Uncheck it to exclude attachments in the submission.    
  11. Choose  the action you want to take from the Send Generated PDF Forms control if you have Pixel Perfect mapped PDFs (ex: W-4, I-9 etc…) associated with your forms/flows, 

    1. Check All to send all the mapped Pixel Perfect PDFs. This is the default value.
    2. Check None to send none of the mapped PDFs.
    3. Check Select to display a list of all the PDFs associated with your form/flow. Click the ones you want to be part of the submission. Click again to deselect.
  12. The wizard connects to your selected project and retrieves the list of key index fields from PaperVision/ImageSilo
  13. Map each PaperVision/ImageSilo key index field to a field on your 
    form/flow. The dropdown contains a list of all the form/flow fields listed by field name (not field label). Fields in different sections that have the same name may only appear once. Checking the Data checkbox will show both fields. Consider using unique names even when fields are in different sections to improve clarity.
  14. Click Submit. 
  15. Save the form/flow.

Your form is now connected to PaperVision/ImageSilo. When you use your form and click the submit button the form/flow image, and all items selected in the doc action wizard will be saved into your PaperVision/ImageSilo project.