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 A Tenant admin can login directly to Live Forms or login with a user id who has been given tenant admin permissions in your Active Directory.

When you create/ edit a new tenant you are prompted to set up /modify a tenant admin user id, password and email address. This tenant admin does not authenticate via your LDAP IDP. It only exists in Live Forms. If you experience an issue with your LDAP configuration such that you can't login as an Active Directory authenticated user, this account provides a backdoor you can use to login to your tenant as a tenant admin in order to fix your configuration issue. Only one backdoor tenant admin account is supported. The Backdoor Admin is able to access the

tenant admin functions if your LDAP Server should become inaccessible.

Browse this URL to login as the Backdoor Admin: <base_URL>/frevvo/web/admin/login The base URL is an Application Property. When specified,

will prepend the base URL to the URLs in your Form/Document Actions. The <base_URL> is typically http(s)://<your servername>:<port>.

  • You must use the admin specific URL - <base-url>/frevvo/web/admin/login - to login as the backdoor admin.
  • Non admin users can also login using the admin specific URL.

If your tenant originally used the Default Security Manager and then you changed to the Azure SAML LDAP Security Manager, this tenant admin account has already been setup. If you have forgotten the password, you can change it by :

  • Browsing the admin specific URL - <base-url>/frevvo/web/admin/login. Enter the Backdoor Admin userid. Click   Forgot Password? This error message displays if any other user clicks on the Forgot Password? link after browsing the admin specific URL:

  • Logging in as a Azure SAML Active Directory authenticated tenant admin and changing the password via Manage Users.


The frevvo superuser admin (Cloud customers) and the in-house superuser can change the password for the Backdoor Admin userid from the Edit Tenant page.

What if you do not remember the userid of your original tenant admin? Follow these steps:

  1. Login as your authenticated Azure SAML tenant admin
  2. Click Manage Users and click the edit admin icon.


The frevvo (Cloud customers) and in-house superuser can see the Backdoor aAmin tenant userid from the Edit Tenant page.