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  1. The Http Auth Credentials section is at the bottom of the Edit/Add tenant screens and is initially collapsed. Click the icon to expand it.
  2. Enter the scheme from the dropdown. The admin may enter multiple credentials by clicking the icon. Each should be for a unique scheme/host/port/realm. The supported options are:
    1. Basic - a common HTTP Authentication protocol that  assumes that client credentials consist of a username and a password where the latter is a secret known only to you and the server

    2. NTLM - a Windows network authentication protocol that allows a client to prove its identity without sending a password to the server.

  3. Scheme, host, user name and password are required.

  4. Port is optional and may be left blank. Either blank or -1 equates to any port and the system will alter blank to be -1.

  5. All fields are specified in plain text and not encoded in any way.

  6. Domain is only generally used for NTLM.


Configuring the SharePoint Connector

Store submissions and metadata on a registered SharePoint website using the frevvo SharePoint Connector and wizard. The configuration information is discussed in the SharePoint Connector topic

Configuring the LDAP/Active Directory Security Manager

Creating/editing the LDAP tenant is performed by the superuser (on-premise) or the tenant admin (cloud). Refer to this documentation for configuration details and here for some troubleshooting tips.

Configuring the LDAP Container Security Manager


  1. Click the Manage Roles link.
  2. You will see several pre-created roles: frevvo.Designer, frevvo.Editor, frevvo.Publisher, frevvo.ReadOnly.
  3. Click the  icon, fill in the form and submit it to create new roles e.g. Employee or Manager.
  4. Click the Back to Manage Tenant link.
  5. Next click the Manage Users link.
  6. For
     In-house you will see a single user – the administrative user you defined when you created the tenant. Note that you will have to click the link to display All users. By default, only users beginning with the later A are displayed. For
    Online you will see two users – the administrative user and the designer username you specified when you signed up for your trial SaaS account.
  7. To create a new user with permissions to create forms, click the  icon, fill in the form and select the role frevvo.designer. If you do not select this role then this new user will not be able to create forms but will only be able to use forms created by others.
  8. The new user will be created. Create as many users and assign them roles as needed.
  9. Logout of the tenant admin account and login as one of the newly created users with the frevvo.Designer role and start building forms and workflows.
  10. Note that you must login using either the syntax: userid@tenant for the user name. For example, if the newly created tenant was named then all users in that tenant must login using the ID: If you prefer to enter the username and tenant name in their own login page input fields, the configuration parameter,, can be modified to display the tenant name input field.  

Tenant Configuration

A tenant admin can view all the configuration properties that apply to their tenant. Some of these properties can be modified by the tenant admin in the Edit Tenant page. Others can only be changed by the superuser admin.

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