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The Forget Password feature is not supported for

users in a SAML tenant. If SAML tenant users browse the URL frevvo/web/login, enter their login id then click Forgot Password, they will see the following error message:

Manage Personal Information

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Users can use the MY ACCOUNT > Manage personal information link to view and edit their personal information. Type in the fields and use the drop-down list to make changes, and then click Submit. For example, if users have their Task List open all day, they can change the value in the Task Notification Preference dropdown from Email to Off. This will stop Task Notification emails for all workflows.


The Task List does not automatically refresh. Users who rely on their Task List instead of Task Notification should manually refresh the list regularly.

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Designers will also see a link to Manage Production Forms here so the designer can easily manage their account from this screen.

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If you are using 

 spaces, you can add a link to this screen to the space menu.