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Print View

By selecting a form's printable checkbox a print icon will be displayed at the top of your form. When the form is used and the printer icon is clicked the form is rendered in a new browser tab and a pdf document is generated and downloaded depending on your browser settings. The name of the pdf file will be <form name>.pdf unless the form was designed to name the pdf something different. The form pdf file can then be printed. Only PDFs are supported.


Workflows do not currently support this print feature. See Printing FlowsWorkflows for other options.

All controls also have a printable property. A control's Printable property is checked by default. If you un-check this property then the control will not appear in the pdf. This property can also be set dynamically via a business rule by setting <control>.printable = [true|false]. 

There are a few differences between the browser view and the print view. For instance, decorators and placeholders do not appear in the pdf document; collapsed sections will appear expanded; and tabs will be rendered one tab under another. 

Print Styles, (font, orientation, margins and header/footer content) for PDFs generated as part of a submission can be selected by the designer.


If you are trying to make the print view of a table control consistent with the browser view, set the column widths explicitly at either the column cell level or at the table level. 

Use the PDF generation feature if you need a "Pixel Perfect" representation of your form.


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The same technique above can also be used for flows workflows. In the case of a flow workflow the custom print button will print the currently visible workflow step and not the combination of all the steps in the workflow. The current activity will print even if the activity's print property is unchecked.