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  1. Download  the latest frevvo-tomcat bundle from the frevvo website.

  2. Download the Database Connector war file. Rename it to database.war.

  3. Extract the tomcat bundle zipfile to a location of your choice. We will refer to this directory as <frevvo-home>.

  4. Copy database.war to <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps.

  5. Start the Insight server, then start Live Forms.

  6. Test the connector installation by copying this URL directly into your browser:
    After performing these steps you will have: successfully installed the
     database connector and retrieved data from the built-in test database
  7. Log into
    as the superuser (admin@d, admin). Create a tenant.
  8. Create a designer user in the tenant
  9. Download the Database Connector Project, then upload it to your designer user. This project includes some example forms that demonstrate the power of the Database Connector using built-in databases.