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Let's say you wanted to modify a section of your form to reflect a horizontal layout as shown in the image

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One approach would be to use the Table and Radio Controls.  Another alternative is to use three Message controls and three Radio controls. Follow these steps: 


Use sections to create groups of controls that users can expand and collapse. Sections are always 12 columns wide when you drag/drop it from the palette and each is itself divided into 12 columns. Click here for more information.

Click the Image Modifiedarrow to expand a collapsed section Image Modifiedor to collapse an expanded section in design mode. When users access your form the section can be expanded or collapsed—it’s up to you. If you want the section collapsed initially, make sure it is collapsed when you save (finish) your form. Click anywhere in the Section header to expand/collapse the section in Use mode.


The Prompt and Prompt Message properties appear on the Properties panel for all levels of controls that are included in nested Repeats.

Image Modified

Changing a Repeat Control to a Table