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Rule Builder walks you through three easy steps to define your condition and actions.

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Condition wizard

Describe the conditions under which a set of actions should be executed. You can specify more than one condition in the same rule but you do not need a condition.


Declare the actions that should be taken when the condition is false. The Functions/Operators listed above can also be selected as the value in this wizard. Else Actions are optional as not all rules require them. You cannot add FALSE actions if you do not have a condition specified in the rule.Image Removed

Add A Rule

  1. Click the Run Builder button.
  2. Click the Add Condition button to create a new condition (optional).
  3. Select your Field or select current step to describe an action that will execute based on the workflow step currently executing.
  4. Select the Action from the dropdown.
  5. Select the Value, expression or function(optional).  To enter a text value, slide the toggle switch icon to the right and a field displays to the right.


    If current step is selected as the condition for a workflow designed using Linked Steps, the value dropdown displays the names of the linked steps as choices. Workflows designed with individual forms as steps (not linked) will only show that step in the current step value dropdown.

    For example,

    • If you have one form (named form A) in a workflow, you will only see form A listed in the current step value dropdown,
    • If you add  2 linked steps (named form B and form C), the current step value dropdown lists all 3 steps: form A, form B and form C.
    • If you add form D (not linked) to the workflow, form D will not be listed in the current step value dropdown for form A

  6. Click Next to advance to the Action wizard.
  7. Specify the actions to be taken if the condition is true.
  8. Click Next to advance to the Else Action wizard
  9. Specify the actions to be taken if the condition is false.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Save your form/workflow.
  12. Click the Save and Test icon  to verify that your rule is working as expected.

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Modify a Rule

Once completed, the entire rule can be viewed in the Rule Builder tab.

  1. Click the Image Modified pencil icon on whatever part of the rule you want to modify.
  2. Click the up and down arrows on the right side to change the order of conditions and actions.

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titleClick here for some information about what you will see if you change the name of a control

If you change the name of a control after you have written a rule that is dependent on it, the rule becomes invalid and displays in a pink background. Click all pencil icon(s) to find the error. The Next and Previous buttons are disabled until the rule is fixed.

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Delete a Rule

Click the icon in the Rules Validator next to the rule you want to delete. You will be asked to confirm.


titleConsider this example...

A Travel Request workflow contains a field where the user selects a destination country from a dropdown. Countries that call their subdivisions "states" are: United States, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, India, Germany and Myanmar.

The business requirement for this rule is: If any of these countries are selected, a Destination State field is enabled so the user can enter the Destination state. Otherwise, the Destination State field is disabled.

The Condition wizard for the business rule is shown in the image. Note that each condition is assigned a color coded number that is reflected in the logic expression.  The logic expression is built with the and operator by default. Since we want the rule to execute when any of the conditions are true, we must change all the and operations in the logic expression to the or operation.

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Switching to the Rule Code Tab


The Rule Examples chapter shows you how to use the Visual Rule Builder to create common rules for real world situations.

  • The User Info, Numeric, Boolean and Date/Time functions, added to the Visual Rule Builder, are not available in the Precondition Rule Builder. Only the following operators are supported in precondition expressions:
    • + (add and concat)
    • -
    • * (multiply)
    • /