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  1. Click the checkbox to select the user from the Sessions Table.
  2. Click the Kill Session button.
  3. Click Ok when prompted to confirm the action.

  4. The Session Has Been Killed message displays:

  5. The Sessions table automatically refreshes with the updated information.

     Click the Refresh button to manually update the Sessions table.
  6. Users performing a workflow Task from their Task List or designers developing forms/flows workflows when their session is killed, will see the error:

  7. , When the Continue button is clicked, they will immediately be presented with the login screen. Changes to the Task or form/flow workflow will not be saved. They will have to login again and establish a new session.

  8. The user will receive an email explaining that their session was terminated by the administrator

  9. Cloud Server logs will show INFO level statements reflecting who killed the session

    Code Block
    titleLog entry when tenant admin kills the session for user jessica
    2019-02-23 14:23:12.603  INFO 7a6dfa8e-4472-465e-a5f0-8bbd167de381 mycompany 10992 --- [http-nio-8082-exec-2] com.frevvo.users.UserQuota               [mycompany admin] [7a6dfa8e-4472-465e-a5f0-8bbd167de381 659202F79EFA145F02D5E10EB977410C] [  ] : Tenant (mycompany): logout: num users: 1. Server num users: 1
    2019-02-23 14:23:20.116  INFO 7a6dfa8e-4472-465e-a5f0-8bbd167de381 mycompany 10992 --- [http-nio-8082-exec-2] com.frevvo.service.MailService           [mycompany admin] [7a6dfa8e-4472-465e-a5f0-8bbd167de381 659202F79EFA145F02D5E10EB977410C] [  ] : Email sent to, cc'ed to null bcc'ed to null: Session termination
    2019-02-23 14:23:20.116  INFO 7a6dfa8e-4472-465e-a5f0-8bbd167de381 mycompany 10992 --- [http-nio-8082-exec-2] com.frevvo.forms.web.SessionResource     [mycompany admin] [7a6dfa8e-4472-465e-a5f0-8bbd167de381 659202F79EFA145F02D5E10EB977410C] [  ] : Session 85C80AC65C888C0AC85ADA731D5090D2 terminated by administrator