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Searchable Fields are controls in your form/workflow used as search criteria for submissions and tasks. It is up to the form/workflow designer to designate which controls should be set up as Searchable fields.

Forms/workflows can be a work in progess - requirements change over time. What happens if you need to add or delete Searchable fields and you want your previous submissions to reflect your changes?

includes a web app (insight.war) that contains a batch process to extract all the latest submissions from 
and create Insight Server documents for them. Indexed submission data is stored in <frevvo-home>\data\solr directory and is needed for the
Reports feature and Submission and Task searches. This web app is embedded in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps\frevvo.war file in the tomcat bundle.

Searchable fields can be refreshed for:

  • Tenant level searchable items - must be initiated by the frevvo Cloud or customer in-house superuser administrator. Cloud customers must contact frevvo to request a refresh of Searchable fields for your entire tenant.  frevvo will run the Refresh process during a time when your users are NOT using
    • Fields within forms/workflows in all tenants or a specific tenant will refresh the Searchable Fields selected in Form/Workflow properties.
    • Searchable items (Projects, Forms, Schemas, etc.) in all tenants or a specific tenant will refresh the names & descriptions used in the Search feature.
  • An individual form or workflow - can be initiated by Designers (owners), Tenant Admins or any designer user given permission to edit forms/workflows for a
    Cloud or in-house installation. If refreshing production forms or workflows, run the job during a time period when the forms or workflows are not being used.


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Run the Refresh Searchable


Items Process

Follow these steps to manually Refresh Searchable Fields for all forms/workflows in all tenants or a specific tenant. This process is initiated by the frevvo cloud and in-house superuser administrators.