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This rule will produce the expected result. 

Note that the Visual Rule Builder will handle local variables for you. Let's look at another example. If you used the following rule code, you would see that at run-time number control displays NaN (not a number) because, as you saw above, the control update will happen after the rule executes, so the new value is not yet available inside the same rule.

Code Block
  string.value = "33";
  number.value =  parseInt(string.value);

Try the same concept using the Visual Rule Builder.

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Click Rule Code to see the code generated by the Visual Rule Builder. Notice that the VRB adds the local variable "ref_string_value", and uses that to set the control values similar to the rule code example above.

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Variables in rules must be unique. Having duplicate variables in the same rule will cause the rule to fail but you may not get an error message.