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  1. SAVED/PENDING: This will give you all the tasks which are saved or pending. This helps when you want to see all open tasks for a certain form/workflow
  2. SAVED: This will return only those tasks which were created when users clicked the Save button on the form/workflow to save their partially filled forms
  3. PENDING: This will return all tasks which are pending, meaning someone else put these tasks in the users task list
  4. SUBMITTED: This will return all tasks which are completed, i.e. the form/workflow for which this task was created has been submitted
  5. ABORTED: This will return all the tasks that were deleted/aborted so the form/workflow never got submitted
  6. WAITING: The WAITING status The WAITING status can be used to find workflow tasks that have an HTTP activityA submission will show a state of WAITING  when a workflow is routed to an anonymous user and the workflow is suspended until the this step is completed.

Note the Submission Status checkboxes which are all checked by default. Uncheck the checkbox to the left of one or more submission statuses if you want to exclude those tasks from the search result. For example, let's say you have a workflow that generates a lot of task activity that may be cancelled at some point. Simply uncheck the "Aborted" check box and aborted tasks will be excluded from the search results. Conversely, if you only want to see " Aborted" tasks, uncheck the Saved, Submitted, Waiting and Pending checkboxes. You can select more than one status for your search criteria.