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A common example of a workflow is a Leave Approval workflow, where an employee requests vacation and the manager must either approve it, reject it or send it back to the employee for corrections. Typically, the process is paper or email-based. The employee fills out a paper form and hands it to the manager for a signature. The form is then faxed or delivered to HR where it is saved in a folder or scanned into the HR or document management system.

Using Live Formsfrevvo, you can automate this workflow so that it is completely electronic and paperless. Further, you can integrate the workflow with Google Apps, a document management system, your database or custom business system so that the leave approvals are stored online.


  1. The employee goes to a web page that embeds the workflow. Live Forms frevvo makes this very easy to do.
  2. The form is configured so that the employee only sees the relevant portion of the form, i.e. the employee does not see the Manager Approval section or the HR Review section. The employee information and manager ID are automatically populated by 
  3. The employee fills in the form, digitally signs it and clicks a Submit Request button.
  4. Frevvoproduct
     puts the leave approval request on the specific manager's task list, [optionally] notifies the Manager by email and displays a confirmation message to the employee.
  5. The manager logs in and visits a web page that displays an electronic task list. All pending leave approval requests will be displayed in the task list.
  6. The manager clicks to perform an approval. The Manager-specific portions of the form are now visible. The data entered by the employee is automatically populated for the manager to review.
  7. If the manager requires corrections, the form can be sent back to the employee to make changes.
  8. Once approved, the manager digitally signs the form and clicks Submit Request.
  9. In the final step, the workflow is sent to the HR department to update records and/or make comments.


frevvo In-house Only

If you are using Live Forms frevvo In-house software installed locally on your own machine, then the 1st step is to login as the admin user and create your 1st tenant. Follow the steps below:

  1. Login as admin@d and type in the default password: admin.  
  2. Click Manage Tenants. 

  3. Click the icon to create a new tenant 
  4. Do not check the "Are you creating a tenant for Confluence" checkbox. Leave the Max Concurrent Users and the Security Manager Class blank.
  5. Fill in the rest of the fields for your tenant.  Click Submit.


frevvo In-house and Online

The next steps are for both Live Forms frevvo In-house and Online tenant users:

  1. Login as the tenant admin user. An example of the tenant admin user id is: admin@mycompany. 
  2. Each tenant has its own admin user that has permission to perform management functions for the tenant such as creating new users and roles. For Live Forms frevvo In-house software users it is important to note the distinction between the frevvo admin user and the tenant admin user. Next we need to create a few users and roles in this tenant that we'll use in our Leave Approval workflow.