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If you add an element with enumerations from schema to your form, any dynamic options must conform to the schema.  For example, you can create a drop down from a schema that restricts values to say red, green, blue and in a rule set the options to Mr, Mrs and Ms. In the form if you choose one of the values from the dropdown (Mr) you will get an Invalid value message since it's not part of the original schema.



Message Control in Repeat

To add a Message Control to your schema-based Repeat control, add an element like this to your schema:

Code Block
<xsd:element default="Message" minOccurs="0" name="MessageControl" type="xsd:string">
					<frevvo:label>Message Control</frevvo:label>

Add this attribute in the <xsd:schema tag (it is most likely on line# 2 in the schema file):

Code Block

Updating a Schema

If you need to make changes beyond those allowed in the Forms Designer, make the changes in your XSD file and replace the old schema in your

 project with the new one. 


Also elements added to the form from the Data Source that are repeating elements are automatically added into the associated repeat control(s) if any already exist on your form. While all non-repeating controls are simply added to the top of the form when added from the Data Source.


Searching submissions using a Repeat control from schema is not supported.