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LDAP, SAML, and SAML Azure Security Managers provide a built-in admin login directly to frevvo, which is helpful if your security manager logins should become inaccessible and you need to access frevvo.  This built in admin is automatically enabled from the API when using SAML, but for LDAP it needs to be explicitly enabled by setting the custom property "backdoorLogin" to true in the loginAs call. This will allow the API to login in the same way a built in admin can login using /frevvo/web/admin/login.

Code Block
FormsService service = new FormsService(frevvoSettings.getProtocol(), frevvoSettings.getHost(), frevvoSettings.getPort(), null);

service.loginAs(formfields.get("usernameloginAsUser"), formfields.get("admin.username") + "@" + formfields.get("tenant""adminuser@tenant"), formfields.get("admin.password")"????", true, null, null, null, null, Map.of("backdoorLogin", "true"));