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Security enhancements in

now require embedded forms and workflows to be used in https-supported sites. Cloud customers with forms/workflows embedded in http-only supported sites will see a blank page or an error message when attempting to access the resource. To resolve this, use an https-supported outer site to embed the form/workflow. Please note that this may also require a browser or OS upgrade; for example, iOS 13/macOS 10.15 are the minimum iOS/macOS versions that supports the frevvo Cloud sameSiteCookies=none attribute.

Embedded Forms and Safari Browser

Recent Safari updates have enhanced security features that prevent third party sites from loading inside another domain. These features help prevent sites from monitoring user's browsing activity, but they also impact frevvo forms embedded on your website when accessed via Safari browsers (and any other browser with similar security features.) 

titleClick here to review a Safari user's experience with an embedded form.

When users attempt to access your embedded form in Safari they will see a message prompting them to request access.

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They click Request Access, and see a popup window that can be closed.

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On returning the page with the embedded form, the message has now changed to prompt the user to Load Content.

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The user click Load Content, and may see a pop-up authorization from the browser. Click Allow in the browser pop-up, and the form will load.

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Embedding Multiple Forms in a Single Web Page