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There may be cases where you want to provide a link back to the form inside the form itself. One example might be if you want to give users the option to open a form in a different language. The user opens the form, chooses a language, and sees a link to reload the form in that language. In this case, it's important to use the Raw Form/Workflow Link with the parameter resize=true. The raw form link opens in the original iframe. If you attempt to use the Email/Webpage link, the form will open in an iframe inside the original iframe, and result in issues such as inability to scroll through the form.

Require Authentication Before Accessing Form

Usually your form/workflow's Access Control settings will determine its accessibility. If a form/workflow has the Who can Start the Form/Workflow? permission set to Authenticated Users (login required), for example, unauthenticated users will automatically be prompted to login to access it. However, there may be times you want to require a login before accessing a public form (Access Control for Who can Start the Form/Workflow set to Anyone (login not required). In that case, you can construct a share URL that uses the target-uri query parameter to send the user to the login page first. 

Code Block
Cloud:<form relative url>
In House: https://<your server host>:<port>/<frevvo home>/web/login?target-uri=<form relative url>

Replace the <form relative url> with your form's relative share url (just the part of the url starting with /frevvo/...).

Locate a Form or Workflow using the Share URL