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  • Open the Login page in your browser (e.g. http://localhost:8082/).
    • username = admin@d
    • password = admin (or whatever The password you selected during the initial server software installation)tenant = <leave this blank>.

If your 

 server was configured to only show the username and password (see Default the Tenant Login) then you must login as superuser admin using the username admin@d. See Logging In for more details.


  • Open the Login page in your browser (e.g. for 
    Online, http://<myserver>:8082/frevvo/web/login for 
    • username = <user setup as admin when this tenant was created>
    • password = <your selected password>tenant = <your tenant name>

When you login as the tenant admin, the Manage Tenant screen displays. Refer to the appropriate page listed in the navigation sidebar to the left for detailed information about each topic.