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  • Make sure you are logged in as the tenant admin. Click the Manage Users link.

  • Click the Image Removed Image Addedupload users csv users icon.
  • Browse to your users csv file and then click Validate. User data is validated prior to successful import. You will see "Validating..." until the validation process is completed. It is useful to report the status especially if you are loading a large csv file. Once validation has succeeded without error, the Load button is enabled to allow the upload. When you click on the Load button, you will see "Loading...".

The image shows the the result of a validation that resulted in errors. Users User data cannot be uploaded until the errors are corrected. The table showing the validation data is scrollable vertically when loading a large csv file.


  • The CSV upload can handle up to 1,000 rows in a given upload action. If you need to upload a large number of users, we recommend breaking them up into multiple CSVs of 1,000 users or fewer.
    • Return to the Manage Users page and click Image Added Upload Users again after each successful upload operation.
  • The "Reports To" column can only contain existing users. You should upload all of your users first, then re-upload the CSV(s) with the Reports To column filled.
  • If you have a large number of users, the Manage Users page may display a user count of -1. This is a known issue we plan to resolve in a future release.