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So you if you want to connect to a

 install running on localhost you can do as follows, replacing 'forms-cli-10.1.2.jar' with the current jar filename.

Code Block
java -jar forms-cli-10.1.2.jar com.frevvo.forms.cli.Main -s http://localhost:8082



To login, you must first create a tenant on the server (other than the default d tenant). You should also create a user such as a with the role frevvo.designer or an admin userwho can create projects.

Code Block
Directory of D:\frevvo v4.1.4

08/05/2011 08:59a <DIR> .
08/05/2011 08:59a <DIR> ..
08/05/2011 08:59a 3,044,609 com.frevvo.forms.cli.jar
07/12/2011 09:20a <DIR> frevvo
        1 File(s) 3,044,609 bytes
        3 Dir(s) 7,803,990,016 bytes free

D:\frevvo v4.1.4>java -jar com.frevvo.forms.cli.jar

usage: com.frevvo.forms.cli.Main
-s,--server <arg> serverl url (e.g. http://localhost:8082)
-t,--tenant tenant (optional, e.g.

D:\frevvo v4.1.4>java -jar com.frevvo.forms.cli.jar -s http://localhost:8082

localhost:8082> ?list
Name     Abbr     ArgNum     Descr
login     l         1        login(username:String) : String
login     l         2        login(username:String, password:String) : String
login-as  la        2        loginAs(username:String, tenantAdmin:String) : String
login-as  la        3        loginAs(username:String, tenantAdmin:String, tenantAdminPassword:String) : String
print     p         0         print() : String
localhost:8082> login david
        ID  | david
        URL | http://localhost:8082/frevvo/web/tn/
    UPDATED | 2011-08-05T09:52:45.510-04:00
       NAME | david