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v10.1.2 is a small bug fix patch release. v10.1.2 is a Cloud-only release. Cloud customers are automatically upgraded. On Premise customers should subscribe to release announcements so you will receive an automatic email when the On Premise version is available. 

Tickets Fixed
  • TIP-30291  Users - Users see an endless blue spinner when attempting to perform a particular task from the task list, and after this are also unable to perform other tasks on the task list. This behavior occurs if a precondition is added to a workflow with pending tasks, and that precondition resolves to 'false' causing the pending step(s) to be skipped.

  • TIP-30267  A - A message control that is configured via business rule to display an uploaded image shows a broken image icon on the PDF Snapshot.

  • TIP-30263 - PDF Snapshot incorrectly shows an uploaded filename as clickable link, and clicking the link directs user to an error page.

  • TIP-30261  After - After upgrade from v10 to v10.1, table column headers display on the PDF Snapshot in a different color, and the header color only highlight text and not blank space below text.

  • TIP-30241 - Uploaded files with foreign language or special characters in the filename appear with an encoded filename like "=?UTF-8?...." when emailed via Email Document Action.

  • TIP-29488 - Arabic text prints left-to-right instead of right-to-left on PDF Snapshot.