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Each setting property is described below.

See Layouts and Styles and the CSS Class property for more form/flow styling options.


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This specifies how wide your form will be. The default “wide" is 800px, but the dropdown also includes thin (450px) and regular (600px). You also may pick the custom option; this will enable the box to the right of the Width dropdown and let you specify your own width.


This property specifies an initial height for your form as it is loading into the browser. It does not dictate the actual height. You typically do not have to edit your form’s height property since the form can resize dynamically. However if your form is very small it can improve the appearance as your form loads if you set height to the actual height of your form.

See Embedding and Using Forms for details on configuring the actual form height.


This property applies whether the options you define for checkbox and radio controls will be displayed vertically or horizontally. In the current version the property is always to set to vertical and cannot be changed. 


You can choose one of the layouts provided by

from the Layout dropdown to alter the appearance of your form. The choices are Nouveau, Compact and Tight. Nouveau gives your form a clear (white) background and a submit and cancel button with rounded corners. New forms are created with the Nouveau layout. The Compact and Tight layouts are similar to Nouveau with adjustments made to the horizontal and vertical spacing between the controls. Refer to Layouts and Styles for the details.


You can apply a style to your form by selecting a choice from the Style dropdown. Styles are mainly concerned with colors but you can specify other properties such as font name, size and color as well.

gives you four choices: Blue, Neutral, Green or Aqua. The designer/admin can create styles or modify existing ones. See Layouts and Styles for the details.

Print Font

Use this property to optionally select the font 

 will use when rendering PDFs generated as part of a submission, Print View or from an acroform as part of a form/flow submission. Refer to this documentation for the details.

Print Orientation

The designer can choose print orientation when rendering PDFs generated if the Save PDF property is checked or when you click on the Print icon. .  Dropdown choices are blank, Portrait or Landscape. When no value is selected, it defaults to Portrait.