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As forms are used, the values entered into form fields are cached on the
 Server until the form is submitted or until the user's session times out.. Each time you navigate a browser to a form URL, for example the URL you can copy/paste into a browser from the Email/Web Page share choice, you will see a blank form. That is, the form fields will be blank if you left them blank when you were designing the form in the Form Designer, or will have any default values you entered into the Form Designer. Also the form fields may contain values from your back-end systems if you used the Advanced Document URI feature or from a business rule triggered by the form.load condition.

If you close your browser window/tab and again open the form via the share URL, you will again get a blank form.Another approach for minor changes is to make a copy of the form, make your changes in the copy, then migrate the changes to the original form. This minimizes the time period during which users may experience error conditions.


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