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space is a web site that organizes and displays applications, forms, workflows, tasks, etc. A space has a tab for each application, and each tab has a drop-down list of the deployed forms/flows in that application. Forms/flows with a visibility of public in tenant or private appear when the user logs into
. When you click on a form or flow name, the space opens the form in the page. A space also has a home panel and two optional panels at the left and at the bottom of its page. You can edit the content of any of these panels; you can also choose not to include the optional panels. You can apply a style to a space as you do to forms/flows. The selected style will be propagated to forms, flows and the Task List.

Spaces can be used to simplify accessing forms/flows/Task List from your iPhone or iPad. You can add thumbnail icons to your forms and flows and the space will display on mobile devices as shown below. 


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Each designer user in a

 tenant can create, edit, and delete his or her own spaces. You can share the URL to a space with others inside or outside your organization.