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We are delighted that you have decided to try 

 for Confluence.  Create your forms and workflows and deploy them without ever leaving Confluence.  Three great ways to get started are:

  1. View our product videos.
  2. Sign up for a free 30-day trial.
  3. Read our customer success case studies  

Quick Video Tour

If you want a quick look at frevvo 

, we suggest viewing our videos. You will be introduced to many new features available in version 5.

For Example:

  • PDF Generation for forms.
  • Security and Access Control Enhancements - view/edit submissions, view audit trail, fine grained run-time form access
  • Mobile form enhancements
    • Improved layout responsiveness adapts automatically to mobile device size
    • Improved table control on smart phones makes forms like expense reports easier to use on small devices
  • Form Designer drag/drop usability improvements makes form design even faster!
  • New designer features such as control decorators and placeholders for easy visual hints of form field values
  • New Color Schemes
  • Print PDF Font support
  • .NET API enhancements
  • Mid-Flow Document Actions
  • Automated Flow Activities - Wait/Notify.
  • Anonymous Flow Activities - include anyone in a workflow with just an email address
  • Internationalization Enhancements - browser locales, dates, times, datetimes, International characters in PDFs
  • JBOSS Web Container
  • Enhanced Password Security using the SHA-256 hash algorithm.
  • Container managed security for JBoss and Tomcat. Supports both Database and LDAP security.
  • Mobile ready forms and workflows that use features such as GPS, touch screen e-signatures, cameras and generation of a government W - 4 PDF document using data entered in the web form by the new employee.
  • Enhanced Quick View.
  • Wet Signature capture
  • Integration with Google Sheets. 


Evaluate using frevvo's on-premise server


  1. Register for a free 30 day trial for 
    In-house server software.
  2. Follow the instructions to install and configure your 
  3. Follow the documentation for a few additional steps for  using an In-house server with Confluence.
  4. Download and installation the frevvo add-on into your Confluence server following the Add-on Installation instructions. 
  5. Follow the Getting Started with Forms guide to create your first form. 
  6. Follow the Getting Started with Flows guide to create your first approval workflow

Case Studies

350 plus customers have improved productivity and reduced costs using

.  Refer to the case studies for more information