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Setup Key/Saved Fields

This setting controls which fields are saved to the built-in submissions repository. By default, all your data is saved as an XML document. This is the most efficient way to store/access your data both in terms of speed as well as storage. However, if you prefer to view your data via the submissions user interface, you can choose which fields are saved in addition to the XML data. See submissions data for more information on making this choice. Note that this could incur significant performance overhead and will also consume additional storage in the repository.

Considerations when deciding which types of fields to configure are listed below.

  • Key fields are indexed for easy search of Submissions. You will see the controls designated as Key fields in the Submissions table. This is helpful when trying to locate a particular submission from a long list. Key fields do not affect performance. They are not downloaded when exporting your submissions to Excel.
  • Saved fields do affect performance as they are independently stored in addition to XML data. This can significantly reduce performance, especially for large forms and require additional storage in the repository. Saved fields are not rendered in the submission table and cannot be used as search criteria for submissions. Saved fields  are downloaded to Excel.

Clicking on the Click to setup Key/Saved Fields link displays the setup wizard. This link is on the form's properties as shown below. If you have navigated away from the form's properties and instead see a control properties panel, just click anywhere on the toolbar to return to the form's properties.