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Print View


 are printable. By selecting a form's printable checkbox a print  icon will be displayed at the top of your form. When the form is used and the printer icon is clicked the form is rendered in a new browser tab and a pdf document is generated and downloaded depending on your browser settings. The name of the pdf file will be <form name>.pdf. The form pdf file can then be printed. 

The Printable property is checked by default. If you un-check this property then the control will not appear in the printed view. This property can also be set dynamically via a business rule by setting <control>.printable = [true|false]. 


If you are trying to make the print view of a table control in your form consistent with the browser view, set the column widths explicitly at either the column cell level or at the table level. 

The Print icon works differently for forms in a workflow. You will have to add a message control on the flow step where you wish to see the print button. See below for the details.


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Do not use the f-page-break css class in table cells.

Custom Print Styling

You can also style your form's print view via a custom theme. This enables you to have one look & feel in use mode and a different look & feel in print mode. See the themes chapter for details and examples.

International Characters for Print View and Submission PDFs


All forms automatically have a print icon at the top of the form. You can hide the print button my by deselecting the forms' printable property in the form designer. If you need to add a print button anywhere other than at the top of the form, you can do so by following these steps: