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This feature is useful for lengthy forms where your users may not have all the information required to complete the form in a single session. This feature is enabled via the form's save/load property.

When save/load is enabled, an additional icon is added to the top of the form: . Form users can partially complete the form including leaving required fields blank and even having invalid data in form fields. They click save and the partially competed form is saved on the 

Form Server. Later the user can re-open the form either in the same browser or a different browser or even from a different computer, and reload the partially complete form and continue working on it.

  • Users load their saved forms from their Task list. See Perform a Task for more information.

When a user clicks save for the 1st time, if they are not already logged into

, an authentication dialog appears asking them to enter their username and password.

Once a user has authenticated a first time they will not have to authenticate again until their browser session expires as a cookie is maintained. If the user clears browser cookies or opens the form in a different browser they will have to re-authenticate.

As a form designer you can also use the save/load feature for testing purposes. Since the 

Form Server has already authenticated you when you logged into
, the save/load authentication dialog will never be displayed.

Saved forms are not the same as submitted forms. Saved forms do not appear in the Submissions Repository. Saved forms can contain invalid data and also contain required fields with no values yet entered. When such a form is re-loaded the missing and invalid values are again flagged as such by

. And the form cannot be submitted (the submit button will be grey'd out) until corrections are made to those fields.