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Click the Excel  icon at the top of the table to view the submission results in Excel. The spreadsheet reflects the submissions that are displayed in the table (filtered by date).


Selecting the Excel export feature when viewing submissions from the Shared Items tab (inside or outside of a space) on an IOS device (iPad,iPhone), may have to install an application to edit and save .xls files. This requirement is browser specific.

Repeating Data

Forms containing repeat controls will generate multiple rows in the exported Excel worksheet for each form submission -- one row for the submissions itself plus one row for each repeat item added and filled on the form. The Excel workbook groups the data for each submissions. Thus initially it may appear that there is only a single row of data in your workbook with a "..." displayed for the repeating item. Simply click the "+" in the far left-hand side of each row to expand the group and view all your repeating data.