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From the Submissions page you can see who has been using your form and what data they submitted. You can see exactly when the form was submitted, the user’s IP address, and all data the user entered. You can view each submission individually by double clicking a submission in the table.

Viewing Form Submissions

To access submissions for a particular form, navigate to the [[V4_Forms_Home_Page | Forms Home Page]] and click the submission button for that form.

The various items on the Submissions page are explained below.


On This Page:

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 Submission Data Data


The submissions repository can store your form data in three ways -- as data values; as an [[#XML_Document | xml document]]; as a [[#Viewing_Attachments_.26_PDF_Image | pdf form image]]. By default for efficiency, data is only stored as xml. If you plan to [[#Viewing_Submissions_in_Excel | export your form data to an Excel spreadsheet]] or plan to view your form data in the [[#Submissions_Detail | submission detail view]] you must configure your form to save the data field values. See the documentation for [[V4_Designing_Forms#Setup_Key.2FSaved_Fields | setting up key/saved fields]].

Submission From Date and To Date Date

The two date controls specify the time period for the submissions you see. The dates default to the current date and one month earlier, so you see one month of submission results when the Submissions page first displays.  Adjust the dates if you want a shorter or longer time period. 

Submissions Graph Graph

The graph shows you how many submissions you’ve received over a given time period. The green bars provide a breakdown of exactly when you received the submissions. Hover over any green bar to display a tooltip submission count.


Click the links on the Data Tab to view the PDF or attachments.

Viewing XML Documents Documents

Live Forms always stores your form data as XML documents. To view the XML data, click the Documents tab in the Submission Details panel.


To get more information, double-click on the submission to view its details, and again hover over the icon.

Editing Submissions Submissions

Submissions can be edited easily by clicking the form name rendered as a clickable URL on the submissions. In this image below click on "Order" to edit the submission.


At any time as a shortcut you also can click the form heading to sort the results in ascending or descending order.

Viewing Submissions in Excel Excel


In order to export data to Excel you must setup your form fields as saved fields as described

Submission Data
Submission Data

Click the Excel icon at the top of the table to view the submission results in Excel. The spreadsheet reflects the submissions that are displayed in the table (filtered by date).

XML Documents Documents


This section is only relevant if you will be working with XML data either directly or indirectly (e.g. [[V4_Create_Update_ConfluencePages|Updating Confluence pages]]).This section is primarily relevant to from-palette controls that are dragged from the palette and dropped into the form. If you are working primarily with XML schemas, please see [[V4_Data_Sources_and_Schemas|Schemas]].


There are many possibilities when using direct SQL queries against the Live Forms submissions repository. Several examples are described below. [ Contact frevvo] for further assistance.

Count Count

You may have a pledge or survey form and you would like to track the number of people that have submitted your form. Here is the SQL query to retrieve the count from the Live Forms submissions repository. In this example your Live Forms designer account name is 'JoeSmith', your application name is 'Economic Impact' and your pledge form is named 'pledge2009'.