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The reset task API makes it possible to restart a completed submitted workflow. For example, imagine a sales person has reviewed a product order form on their task list and signed it and submitted it. This is the final form workflow step and the form is submitted to a document management system (ECM). All the form data as well as the PDF order form image is stored in the ECM. While the order is processed someone notices that a product is out of stock and wants to return the order form back to the sales person's form workflow task list. The reset task API feature makes this possible. The demo.war contains a api/resetTask.jsp that demonstrates how to use this API feature: 

  1. Copy <frevvo-home>/ext/demo.war to frevvo<frevvo-home>/tomcat/webapps. It will auto-extract.
  2. Edit frevvo/tomcat/webapps/demo/api/resetTask.jsp
    1. Set the host:port to your frevvo server
    2. Set the username and password and tenant to the designer user how is the owner of the workflow you want to reset
  3. Enable the flow's save property so the flow data is stored in frevvo's submission repository. This is critial as frevvo needs to access this data in order to reset the workflow back to a task list.
  4. restart Restart the frevvo server.
  5. Use the flow and complete/submit it.
    1. Save the POST parameter. It will be a GUID such as _udowHBy0EeCJpdjaAfsaSA  

To reset the completed/submitted flow back to a task list, send a POST from your system to the resetTask.jsp. You must pass the flowing Url parameters to resetTask.jsp:

  • - The GUID sent in the worflow submission POST to your back end system (ECM in the example above).
  • - The actually name of the activity you want to reset the task to. See workflow activity properties in the flow designer. Note that is is simpler to have no spaces in the activity name.