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Add-on access disabled

If you see this error in the logs:

Code Block
ServiceForbiddenException: Forbidden
frevvo Forms API access is not enabled for tenant <frevvo tenant name>

This issue was fixed in Live Forms v4.1.5 for ticket #9063 - API access gets disabled after editing a tenant. Solution: Manually fix database via: update tenants set apiEnabled = 1 

Timezone Error

If you are using the 

 add-on version , you will see this error "SEVERE: Unable to initialize form. Error Message: FATAL: Cannot parse time. Timezone is unknown/not specified" if you do not provide a timezone when loading data in any date-time field. You must add the _formTz URL Parameter to your form macro. Follow these steps to do that:

  1. Edit the form macro. 
  2. Use one of the parameters (like locale) to add the formTz parameter. The image shows the _formTz parameter set to &_Europe/Berlin timezone added to the form macro:


This issue is already fixed for ticket(#12910). It is available in next version of the plugin.