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Here are several common configuration errors that can be easily solved.

If you need help with the installation and configuration process contact us. Our client services team is available to install and configure frevvo on your computer via a web meeting.

Common Configuration Solutions:

Login page displays "Unable to renew license"

You see the following error message on frevvo's login page when you try to access the login page in your browser at http://<yourhost><port>/frevvo/web/login

   "Unable to renew license for 1 attempt(s). Your license will expire in 2 day(s). Please contact frevvo for help."

You will also see the following error in the tomcat log file:

WARNING: License monitor: failed to authorize start up for 0 attempts. Next attempt in 1 hours.

This is often caused by running frevvounder an Oracle JDK or JRE that is not version 1.6,1.7 or 1.8. Verify that you are running with the required JDK or JRE. If not, to solve this, download & install JDK or JRE 1.6, 1.7 or 1.8 (JRE must be update 21 or greater) from here  Set your JAVA_HOME on windows to the JDK or JRE install directory on your computer. Then restart frevvo.

This may also be caused by an incorrect string content in the license key.  To check the license, login via superuser and then click "Server Configuration". You can also check the users schema resource table in your database. This table has an entry with the license information.


Unable to contact license server

This may be due to your external http traffic being routed through a proxy server.

If your company uses a proxy server,  your frevvo Form Server may not be able to communicate with the license server directly. frevvo has web configuration parameters to enable communication from the Form Server to the license server via your proxy. Edit the following parameters in <frevvo installdir>/frevvo/tomcat/webapps/frevvo/WEB-INF/web.xml or override them at the container level by putting the parameters into frevvo.xml, eg: on Tomcat in tomcat/config/catalina/localhost/frevvo.xml.

frevvo.proxy.hostHTTP Proxy Host
frevvo.proxy.portHTTP Proxy port
frevvo.proxy.usernameHTTP username
frevvo.proxy.passwordHTTP password
frevvo.proxy.ldaptrue | false

 Set frevvo.proxy.ldap to true to enable NTLM authentication proxy access.

The trial license fails to install

Sometimes, especially on Windows, the license is not accepted. If so, please restart your frevvo server and try again. Please, check the frevvo forum or contact us for additional help.

More License Issues

License issues have several common causes. A proxy server can be the cause of these error messages.

  • Unable to contact license server
  • Unable to renew license. Your license will expire in <n> day(s)

To diagnose license issue:

  1. View the frevvo Version Information server configuration page and verify that you have a valid unexpired license key.
  2. Open a browser on your frevvo server machine and try to reach the url: This server should return the message "You have reached the frevvo licensing server. Thanks for you interest in frevvo frevvo.".
  3. Second open the log files in <frevvo installdir>/frevvo/tomcat/logs and scan for license related error messages.
  4. Read solutions for proxy server configurations if the log file indicates that your frevvo server is unable to contact the license server.
  5. Read solutions for the issue unable to renew license

If you need further help send the results of all above diagnostic steps to support at

Expired Tenant Message

When a form instantiation is attempted from an expired tenant, the user is  redirected to the login page. You may see the error message  "Tenant is expired (license expiration). Please contact frevvo support to renew."   Contact frevvo for help.

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