Live Forms v6.3 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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This page contains the detailed changes made to the following products:

  • Live Forms Online
  • Live Forms In-house

v6.2 Release

The frevvo team is pleased to announce the release of Live Forms v6.2. v6.2 is a major new release.

v6.2.6 (r27630)


v6.2.6 is a bug fix release. It is recommended that Live Forms in-house customers running v6.2.5 upgrade at their earliest convenience. Please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Live Forms Online Cloud customers have automatically been upgraded.

In order to resolve the issue fixed in this patch, ticket #18851 - Task search fails to return any tasks when a form/flow is uploaded into two different designer's accounts and one has "Show in History" marked false was reverted and is an issue.

Tickets Fixed:

  •  #19063 - SQL query causing excessive high CPU was degrading performance of features such as searching for pending tasks and submissions.
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Live Forms v6.2.6v5.3.0v2.4v2.1.1v5.3

v6.2.5 (r27567)


v6.2.3 is a bug fix release. Customers already running v6.2.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18631 - Tags and Template name are overlapping in Custom Palette in Chrome.
  • #18673 - Embedded forms requiring authentication when accessed on a mobile device, the Login button falls out of the authentication lightbox.
  • #18674 - Add row to table from form.load rule in flow and the row is not added at end of table.
  • #18678 - Text area in table that is disabled is rendered with extra space at the bottom of each row.
  • #18722 - ConcurrentModificationException seen during stress testing.
  • #18752 - Dropdowns in tables do not align vertically under column labels in print PDF.
  • #18790 - _formTz URL parameter is automatically appended to POST Action URLs.
  • #18851 - Task search fails to return any tasks when a form/flow is uploaded into to two different designer's accounts and one has it marked "Show in History" false.
  • #18870 - Drag/drop is allowing multiple controls inside a repeat by dropping onto the repeat footer. This is causing an application error NPE when the form is saved.
  • #18950 - Issues in extract form from flow
    • #18906 / #18894 - Application error if there are patterns on form controls.
    • #18411 - Schemas are not properly extracted into form zip.  
    • #18409 - Uploaded images are not extracted into form zip.  
    • #18907 - Extracted form containing a tab control fails to upload.  
    • #18992 - Doc URIs are not property extracted into
  • #18930 - Vulnerability in commons-collections 3.2.1 dependency
  • #18993 - SAML security manager gets Illegal key size exception due to missing Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy File.
  • #18832 - Missing v2.1.1 Google Connector with In-house software bundle.


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Live Forms v6.2.5v5.3.0v2.4v2.1.1v5.3

v6.2.4 (r27480)


v6.2.4 is a bug fix release. Customers already running v6.2.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18916 - Wet signature in steps that come after linked steps do not work.


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Live Forms v6.2.4v5.3.0v2.4v2.1.0v5.3

v6.2.3 (r27397)


v6.2.3 is a bug fix release. Customers already running v6.2.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18861 - Anonymous Email activity task notification ignored different behavior in v6.1 vs. v6.2 
  • #18865 - ACL who can view submission set to role after 6.2.1 upgrade user with that role cannot see them


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Live Forms v6.2.3v5.3.0v2.4v2.1.0v5.3

v6.2.2 (r27392)


v6.2.2 is a bug fix release. Customers already running v6.2.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18852 - Deadlock while uploading during lazy load.


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Live Forms v6.2.2v5.3.0v2.4v1.4v5.3

v6.2.1 (r27377)


v6.2.1 is a bug fix release. Customers already running v6.2.x please see Applying a Minor Patch Update.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #18834 - Debug console appears on many windows.


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Live Forms v6.2.1v5.3.0v2.4v1.4v5.3

v6.2.0 (r27346)


This is the initial GA release of Live Forms v6.2. This release is immediately available for download by Live Forms In-house customer. Live Forms In-house customers should refer to the upgrade documentation. Live Forms Online Cloud customers will be automatically upgraded on November 7, 2015. Please check the Announcement Forum for the exact GA release dates.  Please also see the frevvo Confluence Add-on Release Notes.

New Features:

Behavior Change:

  • When a user has the role or user required to execute the next step in a flow the prior behavior was to allow the current user to immediately navigate to the next step and the flow was not saved to the submission repository. In effect the two flow step became part of a screen flow rather than a workflow step as the designer intended. The new behavior correctly saves the flow to the submissions repository and puts the flow on the task list of the user(s) and sends task notification emails to the user(s). (#12765, #16135)
  • Anonymous users can now access public forms that include features save/load and digital signatures which require a login. When the anonymous user clicks to save or sign they will be prompted to login (#12798).
  • Audit Trail and Submissions UI show user first + last name. This replaces cryptic username. On hover shows full name [userid] (#16181) .
  • Workflow navigation toolbar color and highlighting improvements to fix inconsistencies and improve intuitiveness (#16420).
  • Rule execution timeout is doubled for http calls. Debug log contains more details of timeout period (#17124)
  • Task search allows multi-select for various task states like 'aborted' to allow user to include/exclude for example aborted tasks from the search results (#17829)
  • Anonymous activities with multiple sequential anonymous steps (aka screen flow) now support anonymous user clicking the link in the anonymous step email again. The anonymous user is brought back to the flow at the current/latest anonymous step for save on navigate flows. (#18190).
  • Restrict rule access to current tenant for all frevvo users except superuser (#18211).
  • Built-in features that use a dropdown control to select users (ex: modify task, ACL config, admin search task, escalation config) now use the new ComboBox control in order to support frevvo security mangers such as LDAP which have a max 1000 result set size limit. (#18217). 
  • Escalation configuration reassigning the task and sending reminders had an option called "Potential Owners". This has been renamed "Current Owners" (#18418).

Tickets fixed:

  • #11246 - Business rules can update data inside signed sections causing invalid signature detected errors.
  • #16181 - Audit Trail and
  • #16582 - IE compatibility mode causes issues for form/flow rendering. Compatibility view new disabled when loading forms/flows solves this issue.
  • #16841 - Rules running inefficiently when navigating back and forth in screen flows.
  • #17086 - Deletable property is not working in business rules.
  • #17330 - Radio control options taking Label Font Color instead of Input Font Color.
  • #17349 - On some iPad versions the upload control button disappears after uploading one file.
  • #17362 - LDAP security manager roles containing single quotes cause access control for "who can use the form" to fail.
  • #17366 - Help icon should not be displayed in the default PDF
  • #17503 - Disabled fields should not be grayed out when printed to PDF.
  • #17564 - Rare deadlock error on login causing logins to fail.
  • #17708 - Disable tabbing to message controls and section headers when accessibility is off.
  • #17711 - Clicking on backspace key while filling in a dropdown redirects users to previous browser page.
  • #17744 - minOccurs set by designer to 0, then set dynamically via rule to > 0 does not cause proper rows to become required.
  • #17886 - Designer edit URL access.
  • #17888 - Cross-site Request Forgery CSRF attack.
  • #17971 - Task list task description bar expand/collapse stops working after clicking saved task icon then recent task icon.
  • #17974 - Accessibility : Drodpdown value changes when SHIFT+TAB is used to select the dropdown control.
  • #18025 - Save on Navigate: Activity is saved when navigated using previous button on devices or nav bar on desktop. Save should only happen on forward not backward navigation.
  • #18054 - Reason entered while task rejection is not visible on some browsers
  • #18078 - Schemas : Few elements are not initialized from submission.
  • #18140 - Doc Action Failure - Manually set Document URIs: No need to display stack trace in logs.
  • #18192 - Table field font size via css class is ignored for values from dynamic dropdown options on mobile devices.
  • #18195 - Update default frevvo.xml file to make the HSQL database config more obvious to prevent common frevvo server configuration errors.
  • #18218 - Upgrade from v5.3 automatically upgrades all designer users.
  • #18228 - Custom Container Security Manager auto created uses should have empty passwords.
  • #18230 - Inconsistent data type in XSD generated for checkbox controls with one versus multiple options.
  • #18242 - java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded.
  • #18243 - Error on uploading a certain schema having multiple namespace.
  • #18245 - In certain cases the Send Snapshot dropdown in the doc action email wizard once set cannot be cleared.
  • #18294 - Memory leak reloading frevvo context multiple times when frevvo.xml is updated.
  • #18307 - Task list right border disappears on desktop when all tasks collapsed on some browsers.
  • #18347 - Table column with pattern property set does not display error when invalid value is entered.
  • #18360 - Accessibility: tabbing inside table using Shift-Right arror key does not work.
  • #18372 - Fast Finish flow feature does not skip completed steps or Summary step after users goes back to read-only steps using navigation toolbar.
  • #18424 - Custom JavaScript does not work if the form is opened from task list.
  • #18452 - API: LoginAs() does not update user information (first name, last name and email).
  • #18455 - Setting date/time using frevvo.currentDateTime (in rule) from raw share link fails.
  • #18468 - A submitted form can inadvertently be submitted a second time by clicking the browser's back button.
  • #18506 - Flow with section control containing select control (radio, checkbox, dropdown) with comment enabled does not show validation error when user navigates back in flow and then returns to this step.
  • #18560 - Tasks can not be rejected the task is accessed outside of a task list like in a Confluence wiki page.
  • #18576 - Tasks performed from task list, from different form/flow types, with different custom javascript can use javascript from wrong form/flow type.
  • #18614 - Time control not correctly initialized with correct timezone if form is a direct link from a Space tab versus if it was a sub menu item in a Space tab. 
  • #18679 - Search task list issue when same flow is uploaded into two or more designer accounts.
  • #18695 - Help icon in form designer control pattern property pops up message "undefined undefined".
  • #18717 - Message controls added to Table row from XSD are not saved.


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Live Forms v6.2.0v5.3.0v2.4v1.4v5.3

End of Life Policy

frevvo supports major versions for two years. For example, frevvo supported Live Forms 4.1.x for 2 years after the first GA release in the v4.1 series. The first GA release was v4.1.1 on December 12, 2010. Thus technically end of life would be December 12, 2012. However in this case frevvo extended the End of Life Date for the v4.1 series to October 5, 2014.

Live Forms VersionInitial GA Release

End of Life Date

6.2.xOctober 31, 2015October 31, 2017
6.1.xDecember 23, 2014January 29, 2017
5.3.xJune 4, 2014June 4, 2016
5.1.xJune 1, 2013June 6, 2015
4.1.xDecember 12, 2010October 5, 2014
3.4July 9, 2009July 9, 2011






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