Live Forms v6.3 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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The enhancements, feature changes and tickets listed below are subject to change up until the final GA release date.

  • The list is incomplete and more items will be added over the coming days.

  • Items you see listed may be removed before the official GA release date at the sole desecration of frevvo.

This page contains the detailed changes made to the following products:

  • Live Forms Online
  • Live Forms In-house

v6.3 Release

The frevvo team is pleased to announce the release of Live Forms v6.3. v6.3 is a major new release.

v6.3.0 (rXXXXX)


This is the initial GA release of Live Forms v6.3. This release is immediately available for download by Live Forms In-house customer. Live Forms In-house customers should refer to the upgrade documentation. Live Forms Online Cloud customers will be automatically upgraded on TBD. Please check the Announcement Forum for the exact GA release dates.  

New Features:

  • Workflow Enhancements:
    • Workflow Escalation Business Calendar (#17944)
    •  Workflow Escalation Skip Step  (#18355).
    • Activate/Deactivate events added for better back and forth flow navigation (#18960) 
    • Ability to configure the time zone for Escalation notifications (#17572)
    • When rejecting a task, the first name and last name are displayed in the Rejection popup dropdown (#18593)
  • Rich Text Editor Form Control (#12336).
  •  Authentication Options for Form/Doc Action POST (#18210) 
  • Improved Date Picker (#16934), (#17526)
  • Support for embedded forms/flows on mobile devices (#18868)
  • Ability to rest the tenant admin's password (#10106)
  •  Rule Enhancements:
    • Access to Select Control Comments (#17262)

    • Setup Min/Max on Upload Control (#18182)

  • PDF Enhancements:
    • PDF mappings in a form are retained when the form is added to a flow as a new activity (#18490)
    •  Warning message in the case of slow rendering when mapping PDFs in the cloud (#18730)
  • Enhanced form control decorator selections (#18743).
  • SAML "Authentication Only" Mode (#18807)
  • Support for Azure AD Graph API for user/role queries (#18871)
  •  Improved rendering of Spaces on iphones.
  • Support for Using the HttpOnly flag when generating a cookie (#18888)
  • Additon of fontawesome 4.4.0 to Live Forms (#15006)
  • Servlet upgrade to v3.0

Tickets fixed:


  • 11810    Sort ascending/descending in submission table do not work
  • 14942    RTL forms : Dropdown options are not right aligned.
  • 15922    Arabic Locale : Translation file is downloaded empty
  • 17270    "Quick Approve should have ""Please Wait"" similar to Submit"
  • 17637    write down operational steps
  • 18145    Setting section required property via rule does not work if there is a repeat/table inside that section.
  • 18409    Assets missing from activity downloaded from flow
  • 18411    Extract form from flow: schema are not downloaded/uploaded
  • 18428    Extract form from flow: Should doc uri set get copied?
  • 18503    Flow will not open in designer when you click on the Edit icon
  • 18507    Allow Sign Pad : Error for signature pad not configured takes a lot of time to load
  • 18509    Incorrect left padding for flow footer buttons
  • 18554    Combobox cannot be mapped to a PDF
  • 18635    Logout logs show null@tenantid
  • 18659    Compact theme worsens grid/table rendering in PDF print view
  • 18661    Print/PDF - Rendering in table of long text and drop down values is not wrapping
  • 18680    Delete Apply Discounts functionality from SaaS admin user
  •  18681    Make a field as required even if xsd has it optional (cloned)
  •  18731    PDF Mapping - need to re-examine the impl to see if any optimization is possible
  • 18744    Embedded form does not work on mobile
  •  18749    Add warning on security manager change
  •  18751    Not able to continue forward after navigating back in a screenflow
  •  18788    merge changes for #18756 (editing fails on iOS devices)
  •  18792    Select control - Comment box : Can't clear value
  •  18793    Schemas : Can't upload schema
  •  18794    Getting Error in catalina.log
  • 18800    Rich Text Input (RTI) : Exiting the editor
  • 18801    Rich Text Input (RTI) : Standardize the editor size irrespective of message control size
  •  18802    Rich Text Input (RTI) : Resize Editor icon does not place the editor back to its original position
  •  18803    Rich Text Input (RTI) : Message decorator
  •  18804    Rich Text Input (RTI) : Editor disappears while performing certain actions : FF
  •  18805    Rich Text Input (RTI) : IE11 & Chrome : Expanding the editor blanks out the editor
  •  18811    Forms : Schema update is not working correctly
  •  18812    Flows schemas : Repeat control - Runtime error while updating schema
  •  18814    Schema Update : Displays bound error for unmodified control 
  • 18815    Rich Text Input (RTI) : Showing/Hiding the editor
  •  18816    Flows schemas : Removes error flag after activity edit and save
  •  18820    Debug log warning about Deprecated Date/Time functions in Rules shows when using new functions
  •  18821    Rich Text Editor : Message text not aligned with decorator when new line is used.
  • 18822    Rich Text Editor : No way to adjust line spacing
  • 18828    Upload users : Success/Error/Warning signs are not displayed while uploading users.
  •  18829    Rich Text Editor : Message can not be edited in markup/plain text entry mode.
  •  18837    Rich Text Input (RTI) : Add Font selector, font size, line height, font color and background color as new menus on the rich text editor
  •  18841    Rich Text Editor : Some times message control sticks to the mouse pointer while trying to drag n drop it.
  •  18842    make sure debug console gets hidden BEFORE the 6.3 relase
  •  18847    Test Paypal form action
  •  18853    Ubuntu - Add User : Role dropdown list is empty
  •  18857    "Make sure ""Doc"" link in top nav of frevvo design mode, is pointing to 6.3 docs" 
  • 18859    Escalations Skip: Audit trail for Skipped activity
  •  18872    Icons not in position
  •  18873    CSV Upload: Role [frevvo.Editor] - format not permitted.
  •  18877    form.pack.js is no longer being cached in production 
  • 18879    onInit/onSubmit do not work. 
  • 18881    RTL Locale: Trigger label is not right aligned.
  •  18882    Use oracle's frevvo.ear for the WLS bundle
  • 18883    Precondition property behavior has changed
  • 18886    RTL locale issues
  •  18889    RTL Locale: Fix various issues identified by Oracle + other related issues.
  •  18893    Add OWASP Maven plugin to our frevvo project(s)
  •  18894    Extract form from flow: Application error if there are patterns on form controls.
  •  18903    Session Expired error when email step email property has bad name
  •  18907    Extract form from flow: Activity containing tab control can not be uploaded as a form.
  •  18908    Help items for new designers
  •  18919    vulnerability in commons-collections 3.2.1 dependency - 6.3
  •  18923    (Cloned) Invalid Xml schema when we add more than one Object of the same type from Data Sources, after removing the application schemas
  •  18925    (Cloned) Dropdown default value is set with the name of value and not real value
  • 18926    (Cloned) Making nillable=true required=true control required from rule sets that property for the control.
  •  18927    (Cloned) Review temp files & folders created by frevvo
  •  18928    (Cloned) Very slow loading/hang of forms creation and load
  •  18935    Anonymous user Authentication Denied error
  •  18940    Escalations: Submit button not enabled in Create Tenant page
  • 18943    Save to Google Doc : Form and schema xmls are not saved
  • 18944    Schema - Table : Min value changes after following a sequence
  •  18951    Image control image is missing when control added to a flow.
  •  18954    Chrome: Tasklist buttons are broken
  •  18958    Arabic Locale : PDF Gen - Mapped control name is not visible
  •  18970    Schema update - Task List : Perform task should display error message
  •  18975    Form Document Actions carrying over to Flow Document Actions
  •  18984    Help doc links in web.xml point to 6.2 - should be latest
  •  18987    6.3 Schema - Table : Column required property issue
  •  18990    Production Submissions count is wrong
  •  18997    Does the max submission count shows only submitted forms/flows count?
  •  18999    No way to stop rule from triggering, for a save and load task, while using load/activate property.
  •  19001    WebLogic - Exception while creating a form
  • 19005    Email Wizards: uncheck Send Data and Select PDF snapshot by default
  • 19009    Mapping does not work for attached PDF
  • 19012    Search Task : Can't search task with errors only and locked checkbox
  • 19016    Azure AD : Popup/embedded form does not work
  •  19017    Online licenses - annual plans
  •  19019    Expiration date for Free tenants
  •  19038    NPE on production
  •  19046    Azure AD/SAML : How to login using authentication lightbox?
  •  19048    Azure AD : Max Concurrent users is not working.
  •  19050    WebLogic - Can't change web.xml parameters
  •  19051    Azure AD : How do we fetch the custom attributes?
  •  19055    Security manager change to Azure AD does not migrate data.
  •  19056    RTE is not working in chrome 47
  •  19061    "form.load :: Setting section required property to ""false"" via rule does not work if there is a repeat/table inside that section."
  •  19067    revert [27500] in 6.3 (long running submission queries)
  •  19081    Flow : Locked sign issue
  •  19082    Repeat <-> Table: Error when control type for empty repeat is change 
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Live Forms v6.2.0v5.3.0v2.4v1.4v5.3

End of Life Policy

frevvo supports major versions for two years. For example, frevvo supported Live Forms 4.1.x for 2 years after the first GA release in the v4.1 series. The first GA release was v4.1.1 on December 12, 2010. Thus technically end of life would be December 12, 2012. However in this case frevvo extended the End of Life Date for the v4.1 series to October 5, 2014.

Live Forms VersionInitial GA Release

End of Life Date

6.2.xOctober 31, 2015October 31, 2017
6.1.xDecember 23, 2014January 29, 2017
5.3.xJune 4, 2014June 4, 2016
5.1.xJune 1, 2013June 6, 2015
4.1.xDecember 12, 2010October 5, 2014
3.4July 9, 2009July 9, 2011






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