Live Forms v7.0 is no longer supported. Click here for information about upgrading to our latest GA Release.

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Why Upgrade?

frevvo v7.0.1 contains new features that improve usability and makes designing forms easier. Here are a few of the top reasons to upgrade:

On This Page:

We recommend that you read the information below before you begin.

Automatic Upgrade for Live Forms Online (Cloud Hosted) Customers

Live Forms Online cloud hosted customers (SaaS) were automatically upgraded on 7/23/16. The automatic cloud upgrade will be seamless. Cloud customers should review these topics to prepare for the new version of frevvo:

If you have any questions, please email

Insight Data Batch Job for the Cloud Upgrade

During the cloud upgrade, the Insight Data Batch job was run on ALL production tenants. This was necessary to create Insight documents for all existing submissions. Your submission data is now available for Reports

Migration Considerations for Cloud and In-house Customers

 frevvov7.0.1. was released on 8/5/2016 for in-house customers.

Filesystem Connector

The Filesystem connector has a new wizard to simplify the configuration and generation of metadata. Post migration frevvo forms and flows that use the Doc Action Post to the Filesystem connector v1.0 will continue to work. If you want to use the Filesystem Connector wizard going forward, you must upgrade to the Filesystem Connector v1.0.1.

SAML Tenant backdoor admin user

When you create a new tenant you are prompted to set up a tenant admin user id and password. If you are using a SAML IDP, this tenant admin does not authenticate via your SAML IDP. It only exists in frevvo. If you experience an issue with your SAML configuration such that you can't login as a SAML authenticated user, this account provides a backdoor you can use to login to your tenant as a tenant admin in order to fix your SAML configuration issue. Only one backdoor tenant admin account is supported.

If your tenant originally used the Default Security Manager and then you changed to the SAML Security Manager, this tenant admin account has already been setup. If you have forgotten the password, you can change it by :

  • Using the frevvo Forgot Password? feature for the tenant admin account.
  • Logging in as a SAML authenticated tenant admin and changing the password via Manage Users.

What if you do not remember the userid of your original tenant admin? Follow these steps:

  1. Login as your authenticated SAML tenant admin
  2. Click Manage Users and click the edit admin icon.

It is recommended that you review the tenant admin information so you will have it available BEFORE a crisis situation arises.

Migration Considerations for Live Forms In-house Customers

In-house customers should review the topics below, the instructions in the Upgrade Guide and Supported Platforms before migrating. It is recommended that you perform a full installation of frevvo v7.0.1 when upgrading. 

v7 License Key Required

A v7 license key is required for this version of frevvo. Request a v7 license by emailing BEFORE you begin the upgrade. v5 and v6 licenses will not work. 

Hardware and Memory Requirements for your Live Forms Server

The minimum recommended hardware configuration for your Live Forms server is:

  • 2 gigahertz (GHz) 64-bit (x64) processor with 4 cores
  • 5 gigabyte (GB) of system memory
  • 100 GB hard drive

However you must size your hardware platform to your specific form usage characteristics. As the number of concurrent users and forms/flows increases so must the system memory. Refer to the memory configuration topic for the details.

Insight Server Memory Requirements

It may be necessary to increase heap size for the Insight server, when reporting on/indexing a large number of submissions. Refer to the memory configuration topic for the details.

Database Configuration moved to server.xml file

The database configuration that was done in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\catalina\localhost\frevvo.xml file has been moved to the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\server.xml file. Also, note that the datasource in the server.xml file has been renamed to jdbc/sharedfrevvoDS so that it can be shared by frevvo and the Insight server.

When you configure your database, make the changes in the v7.0.1 server.xml file. Do not replace configured sections from a frevvo.xml from a previous release into the v7.0.1. server.xml. file.

Configuring the database has not changed. The difference is that it is now done in the server.xml file and not frevvo.xml as in previous releases.

Email Configuration is still done in the frevvo.xml file. Custom configuration parameters that were added to the frevvo.xml file in previous releases are still configured in the frevvo.xml file. 

Migrating frevvo v5.3.x to v7.0.1

If you are upgrading from a Live Forms version prior to v6.1, there are additional steps that need to be performed involving the users schema before beginning the upgrade. The location of the configuration parameters that must be changed in this situation are still located in the  <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\catalina\localhost\frevvo.xml file. Follow the instructions in the Upgrade Guide to configure the frevvo.xml file for migration from v5.3.x to v7.0.1.

Start the Insight server before Live Forms

frevvo requires Insight software for the Reporting feature. The Insight software is included in the tomcat bundle. The Insight server MUST be started BEFORE starting frevvo. Instructions for Windows and Linux operating systems are listed here:


  1. Open a command prompt. Navigate to <frevvo-home>\solr-5.4.1.Type bin\solr.cmd start to run the Insight server in the background, listening on the default port 8983.

    You will see this message:
  2. Browse http;<your server:your port>/solr to verify the Insight server is running. The <server:port> default values are localhost:8983. Change <your server>  to the server name and <your port> to the port the Insight server is running on if they are different than the defaults. Do not include the angle brackets <>. You will see the Insight server (Solr) dashboard with the current status:

If you close the Insight server (Solr) startup window, the server will stop running. Leave the window open or set up Live Forms and the Insight Server to run as Windows services.


  1. Ensure that the scripts are executable: chmod 755 <frevvo-home>/tomcat/bin/*.sh
  2. Navigate to <frevvo-home>/solr-5.4.1/bin. Run this command to make the solr startup file executable:
    chmod +x solr
  3. Navigate back to the solr-5.4.1 directory.
    cd ..
  4. Start the Insight server by typing:
    bin/solr start - this starts the Insight server in the background, listening on the default port 8983.
  5. Browse http;<your server:your port>/solr to verify the Insight server is running. The <server:port> default values are localhost:8983. Change <your server>  to the server name and <your port> to the port the Insight server is running on if they are different than the defaults. Do not include the angle brackets <>. You will see the Insight server (Solr) dashboard with the current status:


      You do not have to restart the Insight server every time you restart frevvo

Update the jdbc driver for Oracle 12c for the Reporting Feature

If you are using Oracle12c as your database, the jdbc driver must be version 7 ojdbc.jar for the Insight Data batch process to function properly.

Insight Data Batch Job

The Insight Data Batch job is run as part of the upgrade to frevvo v7.0.1. This is the only time that it will run automatically. Once your upgrade is complete, your existing submissions will be available for the Report feature. If the batch job needs to run again, the superuser admin can run it manually.

You may notice....

You may notice the following changes in the form/flow designers. These changes do not require any action on your part as they have been handled by the upgrade process.  

Checkbox to Show/Hide the Login/Logout button in a frevvo Space

You can hide the Login/logout link in a frevvo space by unchecking the Login link checkbox on the Properties panel of your space. It is checked by default. Spaces migrated from previous versions will show the login/logout link. This feature may be of interest If logging in/out of a frevvo space is handled external to frevvo or you are using SSO.

Form and Doc Action wizards have more options

It is possible to distinguish between xml documents, PDF, PNG,or JPG form snapshot, attachments uploaded to your form/flow and the number of Pixel Perfect PDFs you want to include in a submission or email. You may notice many of the wizards have changed to accommodate this selection. See Form and Doc Action Wizards for the details.

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