Live Forms v8.0 is no longer supported. Please visit Live Forms Latest for our current Cloud Release. Earlier documentation is available too.

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Why Upgrade?

Live Forms v8.0 contains new features that improve usability and makes designing forms easier. Here are a few of the top reasons to upgrade:

New Features

On This Page:

We recommend that you read the information below before you begin.

Automatic Upgrade for Live Forms Online (Cloud Hosted) Customers

Live Forms Online cloud hosted customers will be automatically upgraded on TBD. The automatic cloud upgrade will be seamless. Cloud customers should review these topics to prepare for the new version of Live Forms.

If you have any questions, please email

Migration Considerations for Cloud Customers  

Visual Rule Builder v2

Version 2 of the Live Forms Visual Rule Builder now has built-in functions and the ability to use operators to enable building useful expressions. The Rule Builder provides a Lookup mode to search for the function that you want to use and a Help mode that provides function syntax information and an example

The Rule Builder eliminates the need to manually write JavaScript. Use this version of the Rule Builder to create rules to:

  • Compute a Subtotal and Total

  • Populate fields with the logged in user’s information

  • Concatenate field data

  • Populate a Date field when the user signs

 Here is a list of the new functions:

It also supports these Operators:

Refer to the Visual Rule Builder chapter for more information. Be sure to see the real world sample rules that can be built with the Rule Builder on the Rule Examples page.

  • The User Info, Numeric, Boolean and Date/Time functions, added to the Visual Rule Builder, are not available in the Precondition Rule Builder. If you hand type one of these functions, it will validate and but you will receive an error message at runtime.
  • The following operators are supported in precondition expressions:
    • + (add and concat)
    • -
    • * (multiply)
    • /

Unsaved Changes Warning Message

Users can experience data loss if they close the browser without saving or submitting when filling in a lot of data in a long forms/flows. Users can now be warned of the situation before the data loss. This applies to use-mode forms and flows only, not edit mode. The warning only shows if there have been changes made to the form/flow. If there are no changes, then no warning is displayed. If the form/flow is Saved or the Save on Navigate feature is configured for a flow, then changes are saved and the warning is not produced on any attempt to close the browser.

The unsaved changes warning feature is not supported on iOS Safari and only partially supported on Chrome Android. You may notice some inconsistencies with workflows. Refer to the Unsaved Changes topic for the details.

This feature is turned off in the Live Forms cloud but In-house customers can turn it on by adding the the  frevvo.unsaved.warning property to the file.

The warning behavior message is browser specific. The messages for Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge are shown below:

Firefox browser

Google browser

Microsoft Edge browser

Display a warning message when deleting a Table row or Repeating item

Tables and Repeat controls now have a two new properties to display a prompt to confirm the deletion of a Table row or Repeating item. 

  • Prompt - Check box that defaults to unchecked. Check it in order for the system to prompt with an "are you sure" message 
  • Prompt Msg - Use this property to customize the text message/question that will appear in the confirmation message. The defaults is "Are you sure you want to delete this item?". The Prompt Msg property is only visible when the Prompt property is checked.


    Property Panel for a Table Control


    Property Panel for a Repeat Control

At runtime, Live Forms displays the prompt when the user attempts to delete a repeat item if the Prompt property is checked. This applies to Table rows and Repeat items. If the user selects Ok the item is deleted. Selecting Cancel aborts the delete.

  • The Prompt Msg and the labels of controls included in a Repeat are available in the form level downloadable text strings file for localization.


If you have more than one control inside a Section that is dropped into a Repeat control, these properties will show on the Section Properties panel.

Email Step for workflows renamed to Anonymous Task

The Email step in a workflow has been renamed to Anonymous Task in the Flow designer palette. The Anonymous Task step should only be used when sending next flow step to Anonymous users(users that do not have to login to Live Forms). The purpose of the name change is to alleviate confusion between a workflow step that is sent to an unauthenticated user and Doc action emails that are sent mid-flow or after the flow finishes.

The step will still be named Email in your existing flows but the creation of new flows will show the name Anonymous Task in the flow designer palette. The functionality has not changed.

Tomcat and Insight Server version Upgrades

The version of tomcat has been upgraded to v8.5.23 in the Live Forms Cloud and in the frevvo tomcat bundle for the v7.4 release. This was done to preserve security changes added to tomcat.

The version of the Insight Server has been upgraded to Solr 6.6.2 in the Live Forms Cloud. Server functionality remains the same with the exception of the name of the directory in the tomcat bundle where Solr resides. In-house customers should review the Start the Insight server before Live Forms topic for the changes

Updated CAPTCHA Feature

Live Forms now incorporates Google Invisible reCAPTCHA for the Live Forms Captcha feature. The CAPTCHA feature protects against form spamming. It is only supported for forms.

This change was necessary because Google is shutting down the reCAPTCHA v1 API used in previous releases. In most cases, no action is required by the user when submitting a form. If presented with standard CAPTCHA screens, the user must complete.them for successful submission. 

The frevvo Cloud is configured for maximum protection. Configuration properties are available for in-house customers who want this level of protection in their environment. Refer to Administering reCAPTCHA keys for the details.

Insight Server Version Upgrade

The version of the Insight server (Solr) used for the Live Forms new Submissions view and the Reports feature is upgraded to v6.6.2.

Changes to Live Forms Revision

Revision numbers for Live Forms have changed in Live Forms v7.4.4+. The revision number is now a unique 40 character string. Release notes refer to the revision number by the first 7 characters. See Version Information for details.

Tomcat 8.5 doesn't allow curly braces in URLs since they are not valid URL chars and deemed a security vulnerability. Live Forms currently supports parenthesis as well as curly braces. If you are embedding the Task List in your website, change the markup to use parenthesis (). You may also notice that Share links for the Important items now show parenthesis instead of curly braces. You will see the parentheses in any newly created space. Support for curly braces {} will be dropped in a future releases

* Important Items
** Task List|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/subject/(
** My Account|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/subject/(
** Shared Items|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/subject/(
** Home|/frevvo/web/tn/mycompany/user/designer/space/mycompany/home?embed=true

Live Forms In-house Customers

 Version 8.0.0 will be deployed to the frevvo Cloud on October 20, 2018. Version 8.1.0 will be released for in-house customers on TBD.


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