Live Forms v8.0 is no longer supported. Please visit Live Forms Latest for our current Cloud Release. Earlier documentation is available too.

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This page contains the detailed changes made to the following products:

  • frevvo Online
  • frevvo In-house

Please visit Planning for v8.0 for an overview of the changes and enhancements in this release.


The enhancements, feature changes and tickets listed below are subject to change up until the final GA release date.

  • The list is incomplete and more items will be added over the coming days.

  • Items you see listed may be removed before the official GA release date at the sole discretion of frevvo.

This 7.0 documentation space is not complete. You will likely not find some 8.0 features/changes updated yet until the official GA release date.

v8.0.0 (rXXXXXXX)

Cloud Release Date: October 20, 2018

In-House Release Date: TBD

This is the initial GA release of Live Forms v8.0.0. It will be deployed to the frevvo Cloud on October 20, 2018. The release date for in-house customers is to be determined.

New Features:

  • Flow Designer Improvements:
  • Intuitive UI for Flow Step Properties:
    • Flow Step Properties[TIP-22341]

    • Workflow designer step on-hover feature shows more information about the underlying form for linked/non-linked steps [TIP-20707]
  • Task List:
    • Users can review the tasks they completed. [TIP-18070]
    • Designers can specify a templatized value to replace "Anonymous" in tasks which are created by anon users.[TIP-22330]
    • The Task List no longer automatically refreshes every 5 minutes.[TIP-22916]
  • Tasks performed by Anonymous Users:
    • A task returned from an anonymous user shows the email address on the Task list. Audit trail entries for Email/Anonymous activities show the email address. [TIP-17740]
    • Workflows can be rejected to a step that is performed by an Anonymous user. [TIP-18311]
    • Tenant/Flow admins and the user who performed the prior step in a workflow can search the Task List for tasks waiting to be performed by an Anonymous user, perform them tasks themselves or reassign to an internal user. [TIP-20464]
    • Task returned from an anonymous user show the email address on the Task list. Audit trail entries for Email/Anonymous activities show the email address [TIP-17740]
  • Refresh Searchable Fields:
    • Refresh Insight Data Batch Job Status now has a column to report if a batch was run for all tenants or a specific tenant. [TIP-20309]

    • Initiate Refresh Searchable Fields for Individual Forms/Flows or the entire tenant no longer requires Admin priveleges. [TIP-22332]
  • Simple Anonymous Task:
    • Tasks performed by Anonymous users are now simple to design. Anonymous Task steps in a workflow are implemented as a form step that is routed to an email address. [TIP-22208]
    • It is no longer necessary to enter a single space in a Message control that is used as a spacer in a form/flow. Message controls can now be set to an empty string. [TIP-22186]
    • The Data Source pane in the designer will now use the label annotation instead of the name in XSD elements and attributes when importing schemas into forms/flows. [TIP-22226]
    • "Error Access Denied. This submission has already been processed" error message now displays when clicking the link in an Anonymous Task step email more than once. [TIP-22331]
  • View your Tasks:
    • Users can review the tasks they completed.[TIP-18070]

Tickets fixed:


VersionConfluence PluginDatabase ConnectorGoogle ConnectorPVE ConnectorFilesystem ConnectorBox ConnectorSharepoint Connector
Live Forms v8.0.0v5.4.0 (Confluence 6.5.1)v2.5.5v2.3.2v5.5.0v1.1.1v1.0.3v1.0.2

End of Life Policy

frevvo supports major versions for two years after the first GA release date. For some releases, the End of Life Date may be extended. Documentation for Live Forms versions (in red - beginning with v5.1)) that are no longer supported is available on our frevvo Documentation Directory.

frevvo VersionInitial GA Release

End of Life Date

8.0.xOctober 20, 2018October 20, 2020
7.4.xJanuary 7, 2018January 7, 2020
7.3.xSeptember 2,2017September 2, 2019
7.2.xApril 29, 2017April 29, 2019
7.1.xDecember 18, 2016December 18, 2018
7.0.xJuly 23, 2016July 23, 2018
6.3.xFebruary 13, 2016February 13, 2018
6.2.xOctober 31, 2015October 31, 2017
6.1.xDecember 23, 2014January 29, 2017
5.3.xJune 4, 2014June 4, 2016
5.1.xJune 1, 2013June 6, 2015
4.1.xDecember 12, 2010October 5, 2014
3.4July 9, 2009July 9, 2011







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