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Review the database connector compatibility release matrix for your Live Forms version. 

Database ConnectorLive Forms
v2.4 Any version prior to v7.2.0
  1. If you are running Database Connector v2.5.0 - v2.5.2 you must upgrade to v2.5.3+ due to issues solved in 2.5.3.

  2. In order to run the Database Connector v2.5.3 you must upgrade to Live Forms v7.3.2+. v2.5.3 was not certified with earlier Live Forms versions.
  3. In order to run the Database Connector v2.5.4 you must upgrade to Live Forms v7.4.x. v2.5.4 was not certified with earlier Live Forms versions.

frevvo only supports/certifies the Database Connector running in the Apache Tomcat container. Refer to our Supported Platforms for the list of Application Servers and databases supported/certified by frevvo.


v2.5.5 (r0381158)

Cloud: 6/9/2018

In-house: 4/20/2018

This release contains enhancements and bug fixes. In-house and Cloud customers, running the Database Connector on-premise, can download the Database Connector Standalone zip file or just the database.war from our frevvo Software Downloads Directory. This version has not been deployed to the frevvo Cloud

You may notice the revision numbers for the Database Connector   have changed. The revision number is now a unique 40 character string. Release notes refer to the revision number by the first 7 characters. See  Version Information for details.

  • TIP-22454 - Warning message added to Database Connector log when the connection threshold is exceeded.
Tickets fixed:
  • TIP-22161 - Property to disable query/querySets is not working (#22204)
  • TIP-22418 - HTTP Get with templatized URIs fails when control values have special characters
  • TIP-22419] - DB connector queries where parameter values are encoded using encodeURIComponent() do not work after DB Connector 2.4 -> .2.5.4 upgrade

v2.5.4 (r31299)


This release contains enhancements for our Cloud environment and bug fixes.It was installed to the frevvo Cloud on 1/7/2018. Cloud customers, running the Database Connector on-premise, can download the Database Connector Standalone zip file or just the database.war from our frevvo Software Downloads Directory.

It is recommended that In-house customers upgrade to Live Forms v7.4.x to be compatible with v1.1.1 of the Filesystem Connector. v7.4 was released for in-house customers on 2/14/1

  • #21859 - Add support for JAVA_OPTS in standalone database-connector (Cloud Only)

  • #21872 - Management endpoints on port 8083 (Cloud Only)

Tickets fixed:
  • #21969 - Workaround for generated schema that may not upload successfully when using copy/paste to make the xsd file in the Chrome browser.

  • #22025 - NPE when calling a Stored Procedure that does not return a resultset using a <retrieve> statement 

v2.5.3 (r31018)


This release contains enhancements and bug fixes. Download the Database Connector v2.5.3 Standalone bundle or just the database.war from our frevvo Software Downloads Directory page.

Tickets fixed:
  • #21524 - SQL queries with empty results fail with UncategorizedSQLException error
  • #21527 - HTTP Get through the Database Connector doesn't return results    
  • #21543 - emitNullColumns atrribute default value reverted to 'false'. When this attribute is set to false, the database connector will not return any xml or json value for any database column that is blank or null.
  • #21594 - DBConnector fails when query has more parameters than the columns returned
  • #21674,#21755 - DOC URL fails with "Unable to autocreate row for query" error when it hits the first empty row    
  • #21684 - MSSQL Driver not found error    
  • #21716 - NPE calling HTTP PUT from curl    
  • #21717 - Row count reported in database connector log is incorrect for create operation

v2.5.2 (r30569)


Version 2.5.2 of the Database Connector was certified with Live Forms 7.2.4 and requires Java 8. If you run the Database Connector v2.5.2 with Live Forms v7.2.1, v7.2.2 or v7.2.3, logging entries for the Database Connector will be included with the Live Forms logging entries in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\frevvo_YYYY-MM-DD.logfile. If you run the Database Connector with Live Forms v7.2.4, the Database Connector entries are logged separately in the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\logs\database-connector.YYYY-MM-DD logfile. 

If you are running Database Connector v2.5.0 - v2.5.2 you must upgrade to v2.5.3+ due to issues solved in 2.5.3.

Tickets Fixed:
  • #21139 - A third party JDBC driver to connect to Active Directory as an SQL database causes validation to fail. Drivers of this type are not supported
  • #21150 - Adding SQL Server JDBC driver to WAR causing issues for customers who already have the driver installed in the tomcat/lib directory
  • #21156 - MS SQL JDBC driver embedded in the dbconnector causing queries to not work after upgrading to version 2.5 of the Database Connector
  • #21196 - Write dbconnector logs to tomcat/logs/database-connector.YYYY-MM-dd.log instead of frevvo.log    
  • #21232 - jTDS driver does not work with DBConnector v2.5.0
  • #21279 - Log is not generated when configuration parameters are located in database.xml 
  • #21411 - <cache/> element in configuration.xml causing error

  • #21421 - Autocreate="true" does not work"

  • #21428 - Empty resultsets report "Document is null. Premature end of file" errors in the debug console when testing forms  

v2.5.0 (r29937)


If you are running Database Connector v2.5.0 - v2.5.2 you must upgrade to v2.5.3+ due to issues solved in 2.5.3. 

  • #18166 - Batch processing of POST/Create requests. JDBC inserts are batched instead of performing individual inserts.
  • Logging improvements
  • KIOSK mode - when no configuration.xml is defined, the KIOSK mode pre-loads BIRT (ClassicModels) and myStore QuerySets with in-memory Derby databases. This will make it very easy to try out the DB Connector.
  • #19243 - Support for JSON payload from business rules when performing POSTs and PUTs.
  • #20546 - Query statements are validated when the DB Connector starts instead of when used.
  • Console prints the DB Connector version and revision number.
  • #18620 - Generating max-length for SQL Server NVARCHAR
  • #20532 - Ability to disable QuerySets and/or Querys while developing your integration.
  • #18708, #18676 - Returns blank or null in the JSON results for columns that have blank or null values..
  • The database.war is  executable.
  • The SQL Server JDBC driver is included in the Database connector war.
  • QuerySet and Query names only allow alphanumeric, dot, dash and underline characters. They must start with letters. This change makes sure that they are automatically XML and JSON friendly.
  • The driver and validationQuery attributes in <resource-def> are now optional: they will be properly inferred based on the current database.
  • The configuration.xml file is automatically picked up from the current directory where the DB Connector was launched or from ./config/configuration.xml. It can be manually set by using the frevvo.connectors.database.configuration property as before. This is specially useful when running the DB Connector standalone.
  • #9564 - Ability to generate schemas for all queries in a queryset. This makes it possible to download a single XSD for all queries at once.

Tickets Fixed:

  • #19062 - MySQL column w/ timestamp datatype failing when trying to insert date/time control value.
  • #9244  - to DB connector not working from rules for URL parameters and JSON payload in POST/PUT requests.
  • #9565  -  A query with '<' sign in it does not work.
  • #12750 - DB Connector:Support PUT/POST for European Characters.
  • #13134 - Database POST fails when there is % character in one of the fields.
  • #18620 - SQLSERVER : Datatype nvarchar does not generate max-length restrictions   
  • #18207 - Errors while inserting, updating, selecting row(s) using the DB connector are simply logged and ignored: it always returns an HTTP 200 status code.



This version is a rebuild and has the same content as the v2.3.1 connector. You can download it from our frevvo Software Downloads Directory page

v2.3.1 (r20198)


  • Retrieved data can now be cached by the connector for improved performance.
  • Status Url database/status returns current configuration information
  • All database operations now log start/stop time and a WARN if time exceeds a configured threshold
  • Using prepared statements to execute all queries for enhanced security
  • #4638 Improved logging message make diagnosing and solving database issues faster/easier.
  • #6532 Values passed to the connector that contain Url special characters such as '&' cause value truncation
  • #8123 POST Url parameters were ignored when there was no XML document sent also
  • #8693 Status 500 returned when sending a delete request
  • #8705 Query to update same form fields twice and 2nd time returned row has NULL in one of the columns, value on form is not cleared. Old value from 1st query remained.
  • #8906 DB column NOT NULL but with a default value should not be required in the auto generated XSD schema
  • #6605 Errors are logged as INFO when they should be WARN or ERROR

v2.2 (r10466)


  • #4515 - Update is no longer run after autocreate Insert. Not needed
  • #4798 - Warn if deleteKey does not exist in the schema returned by the retrieve statement
  • #5485 - UTF-8 characters retrieved from DB causing MalformedByteSequenceException in connector

v2.1 (r9567)


  • #1466 - Column names with underscore characters sig1_name='{sig1_name}' not getting template replaced
  • #5026 - readme is out of date
  • #4648 - _mediaType=json returns JSON rather than the default XML

v2.0 (r8967)


  • Datasource definitions delegated to the container and are resolved by the connector through JNDI lookup. The resource reference is configured in the connector configuration file.
  • A single database connector instance can work with multiple databases.
  • Execute stored procedures. If the stored procedure does not have OUT parameters it is not necessary to declare the statement as a procedure.
  • It is possible to configure all Date and timestamp formats for both the database and the generated XML.
  • Hot update of the configuration file. The connector will pick up the changes within 5 seconds.
  • Parameters passed in the URL take precedence over values provided in the body of POST and PUT requests. Useful for Live Forms rules.
  • Multiple statements. It is possible to execute multiple SQL statements for one URL. This is available for the "create", "update" and "delete" operations. The retrieve operation only allow one statement.


GA Release

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