This page contains the compatibility release matrix supported for the Confluence Add-on.

Confluence Server Version Server Versionfrevvo Add-on Version
3.1 - 3.5v4.x (v5.x SaaS1)v4.1.6
4.0 - 4.2v4.x (v5.x SaaS1)v4.1.8
4.3v4.x, v5.xv4.1.11
v5.1v5.1.1 patch42v5.1.1


  1. v5.x has not been certified against Confluence Server version 3.x or version 4.0 - 4.2. However Live Forms Online SaaS customers are using this combination successfully.
  2. The frevvo Confluence Add-on for Confluence server v5.1 requires the server v5.1.1 patch4 or later.

v5.1.1 (r21109)


This frevvo CF plugin is compatible with Confluence server v5.1.x