supports direct connectivity with Digitech Systems' PaperVision® and ImageSilo® document management products. This Connector allows you to save submissions to the PaperVision® and ImageSilo® document management repository as PDF, TIFF, .JPG and .GIF format.

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Installation Instructions

If you are using  Online there is nothing to install. If you are using  In-house:

  1. copy <frevvo -home>\frevvo\ext\connectors\pve.war to <frevvo -home>\frevvo\tomcat\webapps
  2. If your are sending your form submissions to ImageSilo then the connector requires no further configuration
  3. If you are submitting to a local installation of PaperVision then edit the connector's web.xml to configure the local URL path. Replace with the host:port of your PaperVison installation.

Edit <frevvo-home>/frevvo/webapps/pve/WEB-INF/web.xml

        <param-name>frevvo.pve.login.url</param-name> <param-value></param-value> 

In your browser, go to: http://<server-name>[:port]/pve/test. You should see a message "Your PVE Connector request was successfully handled." This means the connector is properly installed.

A Doc Action Wizard steps you thru the process of connecting your form to PaperVision.

  1. Enter your PaperVision/ImageSilo entity, username and password and click the login button
  2. The wizard connects to your account and now displays a dropdown with all your PaperVision/ImageSilo projects
  3. Select the project where you want to save the form submission
  4. Select the image type: PDF, TIFF, JPG, or PNG. # Select if you want to store the xml data document in addition to the form image document
  5. Click Next

For  In-house users, if the TIFF option doesn't appear you have not yet installed the TIFF software into your  installation.

  1. The wizard connects to your selected project and retrieves the list of key index fields from PaperVision/ImageSilo
  2. Map each PaperVision/ImageSilo key index field to a field on your  form. The dropdown contains a list of all the form fields listed by field name (not field label).
  3. Click Finish

Your form is now connected to PaperVision/ImageSilo. When you use your form and click the submit button the form image, any attachments and the xml document (if you selected that in the doc action wizard) will be saved into your PaperVision/ImageSilo project.