This page contains the compatibility release matrix supported for the Confluence Add-on.

Confluence Server Version Server Versionfrevvo Add-on Version
v5.4.*, v5.5.*, v5.6.*, v5.7.*v6.1.2.2v5.2.0
v5.8.*v6.1.4 - v6.2.xv5.3.0

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v5.3.0 (r26983)


This frevvo CF plugin is compatible with Confluence server v5.8.*.

Tickets Fixed:

v5.2.0 (r24621)


This frevvo CF plugin is compatible with Confluence server v5.4.x, v5.5.x and v5.6.x and  server v5.3.3 or later and  server v6.1.2.2 or later. The server or later is also compatible with Confluence server v5.7

New Features:

Tickets fixed: