Guided Tours and Page Help

Guided Tours and Page Help are available for new and existing Cloud customers. These features will help you navigate and provide immediate help, if needed.

On This Page:

Guided  Tours

Guided Tours are available for all workflow templates. You must be logged into your tenant as a designer user. (designer@<your tenant>). The tour(s) shows you how easy it is to install the form/flow templates, try them and make simple changes to them. 

Guided Tours are automatically launched when you:

. Guided Tours are also available on-demand by clicking the button. 

You may notice that the correct elements are not highlighted or scrolling is not working properly when participating in a Guided Tour using the IE 11 browser. This is a known APPCUES issue.

Page Help

Page Help can be invoked on–demand by clicking the button. When you click on Page Help in the Form/flow Designers, a short tour automatically launches that offers tips, information about the  features available on that page and a link to the full documentation for that page. Page Help is available for the following: