Imagine being able to automate uploading multiple Application(s) to all the designer users in a tenant! The Application Uploader described here uses the Java client API to do exactly that. Once the simple configuration is complete, the Application Uploader uploads the specified application(s) to specified users.

frevvo uses this application before each training class to upload the applications required for the class to the registered students user accounts

These instructions apply to the Windows operating system.

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  1. Download the Application Uploader zip file
  2. Unzip it to a location on your desktop
  3. Edit the file
    1. The URL parameter specifies the location of your installation:
      1. Cloud customers: change the URL parameter to
      2. On-premise customers: URL=http://localhost:8082 should work if is running on your local pc. If not, change the localhost:8082 to your server and port.
    1. Edit the path to point to the location of the Testdata_Folder directory. Be sure to keep the double backslashes to separate the directory names. In the example, is running on a local pc and the Testdata_Folder is located on the C drive of that pc in the Users\My Documents\Application Loader\ directory on a Windows system.

      PATH=C:\\Users\\Owner\\My Documents\\Application Loader\\Testdata_Folder\\
  1. Modify the testdata.csv file:
    1. Delete all the text in row 1 of the csv file
    2. Add the users you want to upload applications to in the user@<your tenant> format in Column A.
    3. Add the passwords for the users listed in Column A to Column B.
    4. Add the complete application name (with the extension) for the first application you want to upload in Column C. Ex:  Additional application names should go in Columns C, D, E etc.
    5. Save the file with a .csv extension.

      With a testdata.csv file configured as shown in the image the MiniTraining_forms, MiniTraining_Rules and MiniTraining_Workflows applications will be uploaded to users max, jack, andrea and meg in the training tenant when the ApplicationUploader.jar file is executed.

  2. Delete the exisitng EOBExercise application in the Testdata_Folder. Copy the application zip files that you want to upload to this location.

Upload Applications Command

  1. Open a command prompt
    1. Navigate to the directory where the ApplicationUploader.jar is  located.
    2.  Run the jar file :

      java -jar ApplicationUploader.jar

      If successful, you should see the results in the command window.

  2. Log into your tenant as each of your specified users to verify that your applications were uploaded.