Get the Templates Application

  1. Download the Templates Application from this link. It will download a zip file to your disk.
  2. Login to your Cloud or In-house designer account and Upload the zip. It will install an Application.

Publish the Templates

Click Edit on the Templates Application that you just uploaded. It contains a single form named Control Templates. Edit this form. Publish the templates making sure you copy the rules associated with each template. For example, to publish the User Information template, drag the entire section onto the Custom palette header (see image below).

The Publish Control Template wizard will appear. You may enter any tags and description you desire. If there is a Rules area with check boxes, make sure you check them all. The read-only check box will automatically get checked as designed.

Publish your control template by clicking Submit and then dismiss the wizard.

Repeat the process for all control templates that you're interested in. Once you are done, you can exit the Designer.

Using the Templates

  1. To use the templates, create a new application and a new form. The Form Designer appears.
  2. Open the Custom section at left. You should see your templates. If they are not visible, click the Search link and select from the list of available templates.
  3. Drag and drop templates directly into the Designer.
  4. Save the form and Test it.
  5. See that the appearance and behavior are both preserved. In particular, rules will be retained.

It's important to note that some aspects of editing will be disabled. For example, you cannot rename or delete a control inside the template. You can change the Label but not the internal name. That's because changing a name or deleting a control could cause the underlying Rules to stop working.

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